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Mixed Realities, Startups & Deutsche Telekom: Something's up!

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When we at hubraum ( consider which topic the next start-up program should focus on, the relevance and attractiveness of the technology plays a major role. So it was clear that Mixed Realities (XR) would definitely be on the agenda this year.

XR will change almost everything. Hubraum, Nreal and Startups develop solutions for the future.

XR will change almost everything. Hubraum, Nreal and Startups develop solutions for the future.

Many experts are convinced that Mixed Reality Glasses, with which real and virtual worlds merge, will herald the next major technological revolution. Whether in the private sphere, while gambling, shopping, learning or working - smart glasses will change almost everything.  

Admittedly, they have been around for quite some time. Google has already launched the first version of its Google Glasses in 2012. But it is only now that the evolution is really picking up speed with exciting applications, mature hardware and a stable network.  With 5G and Edge Computing now available, the technical basis for the triumphal march of XR is given now.

With Nreal, Qualcom and Unity as partners, my colleague Tim Akgül has put the program on its feet. With great success already! Over 150 startups from all over the world have applied. These 14 teams have convinced us and have been accepted into the program:

  1. Graffiti - Vision Assistant (France),
  2. tagSpace - AR for cities, tourism and events (Australia), 
  3. MATSUKO INTERACTIVE – holographic communication (Slovakia),
  4. TRIPP – Meditation and Wellness (USA),
  5. Electric Eggplant – Playfully solve problems in AR (USA),
  6. Overlay MR - Holographic content creation platform (USA),
  7. Real Shot Inc. – AR Gaming (USA),
  8. Eyecandylab – (Deutschland),
  9. – Mixed Realities in the working environment (Germany),
  10. Project.BB – Human-machine interaction for waste disposal (Holland),
  11. Inception XR – AR in kid’s books (Israel),
  12. Mark Schramm – Virtual, fantastic game worlds (Australia),
  13. Artivive – platform that enables AR artworks (Austria),
  14. vTime - virtual avatars and collaboration (Great Britain), ttps://

All teams have received "Nreal Light" glasses, so they can now start to develop their ideas. They have time until Demo Day in spring.

I am already looking forward to an exciting and inspiring Demo Day!

Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking

Head of hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom

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