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Fairground, folklore, frontier tech: “It’s tapped!”

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My list of ideas goes on: This is how the Oktoberfest could be connected to the Internet of Things. Five ideas how the digitization could support Wiesn restaurateurs and visitors. 

Illustration man with toilet waiting at the bathrooms.

Digitized Volksfest: Digitized Volksfest could allow helpers behind the scenes to work even more efficiently, for example in logistics processes.

What my digitized Wiesn would look like – you know it from last week’s blog [L]. Now the party really starts: The fixed-line networks are up and running. The warehouses are full. Everything is in the starting blocks. Did you know? Digitization can be very useful for a major event like the Oktoberfest. The trick: smart things, sensors and a network - in short the Internet of Things (IoT). So I continue: What would happen if ...

Roast Chicken, sausages and ham hock: please fresh

Only the best food quality - of course also on the Wiesn. Nearly 150 catering establishments have to prove that they comply with all food safety regulations. A digital solution could support this: It makes the entire food processing chain transparent - from the delivery of goods to storage and preparation to the serving of food. It also provides real-time information on the condition of the food. An app instead of a clipboard - sounds good.

Defective toilets - avoid at all costs 

Where thousands of people celebrate, sometimes something breaks. Then the craftsman has to come quickly and repair it. The Internet of Things could save them trips and costs. With a digital key, any type of working material can be delivered directly to the craftman's trunk - from fittings to sanitary ceramics. This new service is offered by the online shop of the wholesaler GC.

Left high and dry?

It's Oktoberfest and the beer's running out. A true worst case ... Restaurateurs could have themselves equipped with IoT Service Buttons and reorder beer at the push of a button, have empty containers picked up and report technical faults in the dispensing lines. The digital button can be easily attached to the counter or in the warehouse. It confirms every executed order. The small device works independently of the power supply with commercially available batteries. It uses the mobile network or Deutsche Telekom's machine and sensor network.

Parking? Mission impossible?

Looking for parking spaces in city centres often resembles an odyssey. Sensors in road surfaces and multi-storey car parks can help. They register whether a place is free or occupied. Cities like Berlin, Cologne or Hannover already know smart parking. With the parking app I can find a parking space for my car faster. The app navigates me directly there by voice and I save almost one kilometer of driving distance. And I can lso use it for paying.

I want to ride my bicycle

By rental bike to Wiesn - for me the perfect addition to local transport and a profitable business idea. But where is the best place to locate the stations for bikes? Would a bicycle rental company only know how many people move from one place to another (which exactly?) at what time of day? Then he could combine this information with his own usage data of his bikes. My idea: to use additional publicly available information, for example on urban infrastructure such as stops, parks, train stations, schools or sports fields. Combined with your own data in the digital data marketplace, data is turned into knowledge for a tailor-made offer.

For those who missed blog part one: Read about my ideas on the Internet of Things before the barrel is tapped.

Illustration woman wearing dirndl in a truck.


Martina Morawietz

1 Comment

What my digitized Wiesn would look like

As a fan of the Oktoberfest, I have combined the Internet of Things and the fair into five possibilities for a digital Volksfest: all about logistics, from tent setup to Dirndl purchase.