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ResiLienz helps Santa Claus or how digitization saves Christmas

A difficult year lies behind Santa and his Christmas elves. Delivery jams, staff shortages, technical deficiencies and many other things have given him a hard time. That's why he decided to ask a world-renowned specialist from South Tyrol (Austria) for help. In the kick-off meeting for this year's Christmas campaign, the two try to optimize production, logistics and work processes.

Santa Claus with notebook

Optimize production, logistics and work processes with digital solutions.

On one day, long before Christmas, the final planning for the hot phase in the cold season begins. All the Christmas elves are already there and are eagerly waiting to see what innovations Resi from Lienz, the luminary in digitalization, has brought with her.

Santa Claus: Dear Resi, I am pleased to welcome you today and hope your journey was stress-free. Everyone sitting here is looking forward to seeing how you can bring us forward.

Resi: Good day to you all. Oh, the way here was very relaxed for me. I ordered an e future cab to the Lienz train station and could really take my time. Because the Deutsche Bahn app showed a delay. Since I still had time for a delicious Melange. Then, as I drove the last part of the way through the land of relaxation and resilience, Sweden, I soaked up some of that attitude to life. So I can say: I came here refreshed. I quickly booted up the laptop... Now I'm ready to go.

Santa Claus: Here you have the link to our central access in cloud seven. I have already introduced this in 2019. That's why some people call me Santa Cloud. Hohohoho... In the folder LK 2,1-20 you will find our schedule with the focus on December 24. 

Resi: I think that's very good. Can you also tell me where the folder for the accompanying documents is? I like to keep track of everything that is sent around the world. And there's hardly anything better than a digital delivery note.

Santa Claus: Oops, digital delivery bill? That sounds interesting, but we don't have one yet. Instead, our entire inventory is digital and recorded using the latest technology. When Rudolph found out that Zebra was our partner, his nose went out with jealousy at first. But now he knows their all-inclusive packages include the latest barcode scanners with mobile connectivity. And because I can rent them, there are not even any acquisition costs. On our premises and in our warehouses, we have another Trumpf (trump card) up our sleeve. Via our modern 5G campus network, we locate everything we're looking for in real time with an accuracy of 10 to 30 centimeters.

Resi: Hahaha, Rudolph must not have had enough power for his nose there, hahaha. That brings me to the question of how you solve the energy question for your sled lighting. Do you still work with generators?

Santa Claus: No, Resi, we've made a lot of progress there, too. The drive, our reindeer, is powered by biofuel. You could have asked Greta on your trip through Sweden. She pays a lot of attention to that. For the lighting, we have batteries on board that we can recharge on the way at the charging stations of the Future Taxi. The lighting management, by the way, runs via the Internet of Things, which saves an incredible amount of energy.

Resi: That all sounds really good. But I can give you one more tip: To keep your fleet running smoothly, you should always monitor it digitally. Nowadays, this is called predictive maintenance. The sleds are monitored by sensors and the software tells you when something needs to be replaced or serviced. This helps you avoid unexpected breakdowns. 

Santa Claus: Well, one thing worries me again this year: the Grinch.

Resi: Cringe? Since when do you speak youth language and who do you have to be ashamed of?

Santa Claus: No, no, the Grinch. Sometimes he hates Christmas and then steals all the presents. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't have anything under the Christmas tree. 

Resi: I see, and I have something else for you. On the one hand you should think about a new security system. On the other hand, I have brought the Low Cost Tracker for you. Once attached to the sled or the gift, you can always track where your cargo is and whether it was removed from the predefined zone. You have already solved this problem. 
Aaaaaah, that was really fun to talk to someone who is open to the digital world. Consider equipping all your mobile forces with iPads by next year. You can save a lot of time there. Maybe do some baked apple baking training via computer throughout the year. That will give you extra time.

Santa Claus: So much ResiLienz is a Christmas gift even for me. Thank you very much!
“Huh, Huh, Huh,” can be heard in the background as a green furry creature leaves its listening position. "I'll have to find another pastime this year. Maybe a computer game that I can operate with my eye-tracking mouse.”

“Green Christmas!"

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