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The power of mindfulness

The basis of success at Deutsche Telekom is committed and satisfied employees. Therefore, job satisfaction, increased concentration and creativity are top priorities. Because all this contributes to a positive working atmosphere and well-being of our employees.

Deutsche Telekom's self-image is the basis for cooperation within the company. Well-being and caring are among the top priorities for our employees. "Mindfulness has a positive effect on everyone: employees, managers and companies. Employees can learn to deal better with stress and promote their mental health," emphasizes Birgit Bohle, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources and Legal Affairs. "Leaders who act mindfully lead with more empathy and communicate more clearly. They react more flexibly to changes and are more receptive to diverse perspectives. I am firmly convinced that you can only be a good leader if you are happy yourself and treat yourself with care. And for the company as a whole, this means increased productivity and a healthy, trusting culture. So in the end, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved."

A male hand holds a sign as a brain with the inscription Think fresh.

Mental health, like mindfulness, has a strong influence on our performance and quality of life. It results from lived mindfulness. © Deutsche Telekom

Living mindfulness for mental health

For Deutsche Telekom, the practice of mindfulness is a powerful resource. Empowered and mindful employees have a positive impact on our business success. Therefore, employees can take advantage of various offers: resilience, self-leadership, exercise, nutrition, mindful leadership, meditation or breathing exercises.

Mental health has a strong influence on our performance and quality of life and is very complex. In order to be able to speak of mental health in the sense of the World Health Organization, mental well-being is required. The ability to deal with emotions, to be able to recover from crises or stressful events, to have social relationships or to see meaning in one's life and to have and pursue personal goals and values is the basis of a stable mental state. Mindfulness can make a positive contribution in many ways.

Many Telekom employees find mindfulness so important that they come together in the "Mindfulness Pioneers" community. They have made it their mission to anchor mindfulness in Deutsche Telekom. They bring the knowledge they have acquired about mindfulness to the company – from employees for employees.

Mental balance through mindfulness

Mindfulness is an important building block for a healthy mental balance. How does it work?

  1. Stress reduction: Mindfulness makes it possible to focus on the present moment and to be less stressed by stressful thoughts about the past or future.
  2. Emotional regulation: By practicing mindfulness, one learns to consciously perceive emotions without being overwhelmed by them. This supports a healthy processing of feelings.
  3. Reduced anxiety and depression: Mindfulness can help interrupt negative thought spirals, thereby reducing anxiety and depression.
  4. Self-acceptance: Through mindful introspection, one develops a better understanding of oneself and can react with more compassion to one's own weaknesses.
  5. Relationships: Mindfulness fosters presence and empathy when interacting with others, which can lead to deeper and more fulfilling interpersonal relationships.
  6. Concentration and clarity: Regular mindfulness practice can increase the ability to concentrate and make the mind clearer. Mental clarity and creativity result from this. 
  7. Leadership: Leaders who practice mindfulness can become better communicators and more empathetic leaders. They are more likely to be able to support and encourage their employees.

That's why promoting mental health is important for Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom's strategic ambition is to be the leading digital telecommunications company. The focus on the mental health of our employees helps us to continue on the successful path of recent years. How does that work?

Employees with good mental health tend to be more productive, engaged, and motivated. They can concentrate better on their tasks and work more effectively. Mental clarity and creativity often go hand in hand. Employees who are mindful and take care of their mental health can develop new ideas and innovative solutions. A positive working environment can lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention. The risk of stress-related and other mental illnesses is reduced. This, in turn, leads to less absenteeism. At the same time, healthcare costs in the company can decrease.

Conclusion: Companies that promote the mental health of their employees create a more positive corporate culture. Targeted offers for the prevention and curation of mental stress and illness make an important contribution to a healthy and effective workforce. In the long term, the well-being of employees increases and can have a positive effect on business success.

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The human success factor

Skilled and committed entrepreneurial employees are a vital factor in Deutsche Telekom's success.