Analyst at the Center for Strategic Projects: Join us and get ahead.

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Direct entry at Center for Strategic Projects

Start your consulting career at the Center for Strategic Projects.
We attract analysts to our company, coach them in our consulting methods, and familiarize them with our customers.

Do you want to open the door to the best prospects at Deutsche Telekom and become part of one of the most exciting and challenging industries? As a consultant do you value working directly with customers on strategic projects? Then there is nothing between you and a career with us. As an analyst at the Center for Strategic Projects (CSP), you will get to know our work step by step. That includes learning the needs and requirements of Business Partners, how to use project management tools and structure problems, and how to think and act with a focus on service. You will work on strategic project content and give the team analytical, operational and project management-related support. You can apply your knowledge and implement your ideas in direct contact with customers. At the CSP, we coach you on our consulting methods - and you always have an experienced contact on hand to help.

Our analysts at the Center for Strategic Projects join us straight from university with an outstanding degree under their belt to start as consultants. Demonstrate your affinity for consulting and initial experience in project business with evidence of internships or relevant practical experience. What we are looking for in a potential new colleague is someone who works even better as part of a team and who stands out thanks to their communicative nature, as well as their willingness to learn and continue their personal development.

As you can see, you can learn a great deal by joining us. But we, too, are excited to hear your fresh ideas and approaches. Play an active part in taking the CSP forward.

Meet our employee

Johannes Bebensee is an analyst at the Center for Strategic Projects.

As an Analyst, I help my team to make sure that their overall projects are a success, I take on my own work packages and I work in close consultation with the specialist departments. As I am based in Practice Organization & HR I deal mainly, but not exclusively, with topics related to HR and organization. I have also worked on a project assignment that got me involved in the innovative M2M (machine-to-machine communication) business area, for example.

The biggest challenge is the complexity of the tasks I am involved in. My work involves trying to reconcile a wide variety of different opinions and interests with a view to finding the best possible solution for the Group as a whole. That's no easy task in an international Group with an expansive product portfolio and a wide range of differing interests at stake. But that's what makes the job so appealing."

First I obtained a degree in business education and economics in Germany and the USA. The internships I did while studying were mainly HR-based. After that I completed a cooperative Master's degree in HR at Deutsche Telekom AG, during which I became aware of the Center for Strategic Projects.

... it gives me the chance to be involved in a whole spectrum of different tasks. The opportunity is there both to discover whole new areas and become a generalist covering a wide range of topics, or to opt to specialize. Although my main focus is on HR and organizational topics, I always find it exciting if the next project contains an element of something new, maybe IT or innovation management, for variety.

... dealing with such a variety of topics keeps me extremely motivated. I can see for myself that exciting things are happening and that the company is committed to driving projects forward. And if anything should stand in the way of this forward motion, we make sure that problems are ironed out.

... I play football and the viola, I am involved in the scouts and I love to travel around the world.

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