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Britta's Digital Revolution: Leading with Passion

Britta is at the helm of mobile communication in Germany, steering her tribe towards success. In 2015, she began her journey at Telekom and delved into digitization, becoming one of the few women to do so. In our interview, Britta shares her “heart project” - a digitization initiative she founded four years ago. She discusses the art of ensuring projects are both impactful and enjoyable for her team, and how she maintains their motivation amid digitalization challenges.

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For Britta Karnbach, Vice President of Digitalization and Enabler, it is essential to make the meaning and purpose of projects transparent for everyone involved. This is the only way everyone can stay motivated.

Why does your project seem particularly meaningful to you?

Britta: Four years ago, I founded my “heart project” for digitization. I was responsible for optimizing and automating the process of mobile network rollouts, which includes the construction of new mobile sites. This process starts with planning, continues through the actual construction, and ends with the final commissioning of new mobile network sites. 

On the one hand this project was for me super exciting in terms of content: We had the chance to rethink and redesign the whole process and paved the way for us and others to approach digitization differently. On the other hand, my team was incredibly motivated and eager to make a change themselves. Overall, we had a great atmosphere. I had a lot of fun with the project and learned a lot from it.

How do you ensure projects are both impactful and motivating for your team? 

Britta: The benefits of the project and how it can improve our organization or benefit our customers need to be clear to all stakeholders. I see this as an important task for project management. When the team understands the value of their work and sees its impact, they are naturally motivated. It´s also my task to make the team's work visible, which fosters the sense of achievement and recognition. Lastly, I believe in maintaining a fun and positive work environment. I value the power of laughter and believe that enjoying the work process is crucial for maintaining motivation and productivity.

“Technology isn't just a tool. It's the key to creating a fulfilling work environment.”

What role does technology play for you in creating a motivating work environment?

Britta: If we were still relying on typewriters instead of using digital solutions today, our work would be less enjoyable, and our workload less manageable. Technology simplifies our daily work life, evolves rapidly, and ensures continuous change. This allows us to constantly try new things and learn new skills, which makes our work more exciting and engaging. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration, improves processes, and minimizes manual and repetitive tasks, allowing us to dedicate more time to creative and personal fulfilling tasks.

Want to hear more from Britta? Check out her video where she delves into modern leadership priorities and shares her experiences navigating challenges.

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