Center for Strategic Projects: change is our mission

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IT and telecommunications markets change rapidly - that's why it's important that our company also moves fast and keeps up with the development of new products and services, as well as with organizational restructuring. Our Center for Strategic Projects (CSP) supports Telekom in this respect with end-to-end solutions and transformation projects.

Deutsche Telekom is active in one of the world's most innovative, fast-moving industries. We are faced with saturated markets and a high amount of competitive and pricing pressure. Every day, Telekom's management makes important decisions with lasting impact - with the Center for Strategic Projects by their side. We offer more than inhouse consulting. Together, we achieve lasting change and develop business models of the future. We aim for more efficiency and more growth. We prepare change processes and oversee their implementation.

What makes our work special is that: Due to the high rate of innovation and the short product life cycles in our market, we implement our transformation projects very quickly which results in measurable success.

CSP - an open ear for Group management

Our CSP business model is built on the principle of management consulting. But with us, you have a double advantage. As part of the Group, you are up close to the action. You know the company's business processes, along with the decision makers. The CSP oversees the change processes end-to-end; as a consultant you'll get to experience the fruits of your work directly. What's more, through their work, our employees prepare themselves for a future management position within the Group.

The CSP is well-trusted

Incidentally, when it comes to major transformation projects, our CSP consultants are management's preferred go-to people. This trust is a key success factor in our work.

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