Center for Strategic Projects: Help us set the course for the future!

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If you've got the skills, there's plenty you can achieve with us - at the Center for Strategic Projects (CSP), we work on Telekom's major change projects. That means we're always where the action is: with top management, in key decisions and setting the course for the future of the IT and telecommunications industry.

Believe us: as an employee at the Center for Strategic Projects you have plenty of opportunities for development. We are open to new, fresh ideas. Are you an expert or a management talent? You can find that out with us. You can develop your potential at the center or opt for a career path in a different area within the Group. After all, if someone is able to initiate great changes, analyze problems and solve these independently, whilst also being capable of absorbing and working in the wide variety of topics within the company - their know-how is sought-after everywhere.

The Center for Strategic Projects does all it can to ensure you never feel stuck in a rut. With our open feedback culture, for example. You always know where you stand with us. Regular feedback lets you know your strengths, along with areas for improvement. It's important to remember here that feedback is a dialog.

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