CSP: We drive growth

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When it comes to Deutsche Telekom's transformation, we are the people to turn to. Our mandate at the Center for Strategic Projects (CSP): We are evolving the strategic future of our Group - to increase efficiency and sustainability.

Established in 2005, the CSP is headquartered in Bonn and in organizational terms is assigned directly to the Chairman of the Board of Management. Comparable to an in-house consulting unit, we are the expert partner to Group management on all transformation projects in Germany and abroad.

Strategic transformation projects

Our CSP teams are made up of people from a range of disciplines and support all business areas at Deutsche Telekom. If the topic relates to innovative business models or turning around less profitable units, we are part of the action. One thing remains constant throughout all our efforts - ensuring that Deutsche Telekom is fit for the future and successful over the long term. We focus on growth and efficiency topics with the aim of improving the Group's value on a lasting basis. We are familiar with the Group's operational business processes and have good connections with decision-makers.

Ambitious employee development

Determined to build a career? Get ahead with the Center for Strategic Projects. Our business mandate includes not only conceptual design and project management services, but also targeted employee development. At the CSP, teams get an inside view of all areas of the Group, gain wide-ranging experience and build up a large network of contacts.

A career at the Center for Strategic Projects: how you benefit

  • Excellent development opportunities and career prospects at the Center and across the Group
  • Close proximity to decision-makers
  • (Joint) influence on key decisions, responsibility from day one - you get off to a flying start
  • In-depth insight into all business areas at Deutsche Telekom
  • Open team and feedback culture
  • Customized programs at all career levels to fit your career plans

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