Family services

You can only concentrate on your work when you have the peace of mind that your children are well looked after. Also during school vacations or if they are sick. We have various schemes on offer to help our employees. And if they would like to take care of a relative, we’ll support them.

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The German Telekom supports families with many offers.


Services for Parents and Children

Good childcare is very important in balancing work and family life. Currently we provide over 500 day care places at seven locations for the children of Telekom parents. We have day care centers in Bonn, Darmstadt, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Leipzig and Nuremburg (as of November 2017). The day care centers are run by well-known organizations, which have considerable experience in corporate childcare.

Children love school vacations, however for parents they can become an issue. To help you to accommodate your children during these times when you might not be able to take vacation yourself, Telekom, together with the AWO (a workers welfare association), offers employees’ children, from six to twelve years, 2 weeks’ summer-vacation childcare at large locations in Germany (as at: beginning 2016). The company will support you, together with the AWO’s parents’ service, even if you are working at a different location. Is your son or daughter no longer interested in just playing? Perhaps adventure and sport is more their thing? Ten to 14 year olds can register for the Telekom’s summer camp.

By the way: Children in need or severely disabled children may in some circumstances be entitled to a place on a multi-week recreational vacation, at the expense of Telekom.

You can only concentrate on your work if you have the comfort of knowing that your children are well looked after. Telekom employees who are looking for childcare solutions for their children, can turn to the AWO’s parents’ service for help. This service helps with the allocation of places at day care centers, as well as with child-minders, nannies, babysitters and au-pairs. Telekom will cover the costs for the consultations and support but not the childcare itself. Additionally, the network “Childcare in Families Bonn” (German: Kinderbetreuung in Familien Bonn) also provides support, for example it liaises with child-minders, parent and child groups, and provides special services for single parents too. These services are available free of charge for Telekom and Telekom subsidiary employees in Bonn.

Is your child-minder sick or the day care center is closed? If your normal childcare facilities let you down, Telekom’s emergency childcare options can come to the rescue. This applies even if your child is ill. You then have the peace of mind that your children are well looked after at day care or with a child-minder. One of our mobile child-minders can even take care of your son or daughter within your own home. The AWO’s parents’ service will take care of the logistics: Telekom will cover the costs for the consultations and support; employees cover the costs of the home-help services.

So, you’ve got an important appointment and today of all days your day care center has decided to close? No problem, you don’t need to improvise. Simply bring your son or daughter into the office. Telekom has set up 24 parent and child offices at 17 locations (as at: beginning 2016). Here you can find toys, pens, changing tables and bottle warmers as well as a desk, telephone and a LAN connection for your laptop. If required, the AWO’s parents’ service can organize an emergency childcare worker to come and entertain your child while you take care of your tasks. We have parent and child offices in Bonn (2), Munich (2), Nuremberg, Leinfelden, Essen, Darmstadt (2), Stuttgart (3), Schwäbisch Hall, Frankfurt/Main, Weinheim, Mannheim, Göppingen, Hannover, Münster, Berlin (2), Schwerin, Magdeburg and Hamburg (as at: July 2016).

When you get home from a day in the office, would you rather dedicate your time to your children rather than to vacuuming, mopping or mowing the lawn? The AWO’s parents’ service can assist you in finding home-helps for indoor and outdoor tasks. Telekom will cover the costs for the consultations and support; employees cover the costs of the home-help services.

Care Services

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Not only families with young children need support. Taking care of their relatives calls many employees also.

It isn’t just young families that require support. Caring for relatives can also be demanding for our employees. Just in a different way. Telekom is also supportive in these situations.

Do you want to be there for relatives if they need help? Telekom offers you three possibilities:

  • 10 unpaid days off, at short-notice in accordance with the German law: Pflegezeitgesetz (Pflegezeitgesetz = German law concerning time off for providing nursing curse.)
  • family care time, i.e. part-time work, as provided for under the German law: Pflegezeitgesetz
  • unpaid leave

Furthermore there are also many other options concerning flexible working arrangements and taking timeout.

Sometimes a relative needs our help for a limited period of time. You can be there for them by taking up to ten unpaid days off at short-notice. In accordance with the German law “Pflegezeitgesetz”, all employees have such an entitlement. Through the statutory German Pflegeversicherung (Pflegeversicherung = statutory insurance deducted, by your employer, from your monthly pay) you can receive a payout of up to 90 percent of your net income, for this period of leave.

During family care time you have the option of reducing your working hours to a minimum of 15 hours per week. In order to avoid this leading to a financial shortfall, you can claim a salary advance, which you then repay after the care period. This advance is intended to partially cover the difference between your previous salary and your new reduced monthly income, as a result of your reduced working hours. After the care period you then repay the advance, in that you return to your original number of working hours but continue to receive a reduced monthly salary. All employees can apply for family care time, even civil servants whose civil servant status is currently dormant. Active civil servants can request leave without pay. Exceptions: apprentices as well as employees on temporary contracts. Please submit your application at least four weeks in advance of the care period. Application forms can be obtained from HR Customer Services.

If your relative has been formally classified as needing level 1 care or higher, then as an employee you have the statutory right to claim 6 months care leave. During this time you can receive an interest free loan from the German Federal Office for Family Affairs and Social Duties (German: Bundesamt für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben), to cover your loss of income. Furthermore, by making use of our unpaid leave scheme, you have the possibility to take time-out to care for your relatives. Telekom therefore offers significantly more than just the 6 months made possible by statutory care leave.

In addition to your job are you taking care of a relative? That takes up a lot of time and energy. The family service provided by AWO (a workers welfare association, full name: “ElternService AWO”) can offer you advice, nationally and confidentially. Why not let their experts advise you on care services and housing options? Or make use of a personal consultation to identify which solutions would work best for you, in your situation. The AWO family service is also the place to turn to if you need home-help, indoors or out. Telekom will cover the costs for the consultation and placement.

On the web-portal provided by the AWO’s family service, you can find information about care services and housing options. Or make use of a personal consultation to identify which solutions would work best for you, in your situation. Additionally, the AWO’s family service offers seminars on care related topics for example support for those caring for relatives with dementia, confidently dealing with a health care proxy, guardianships and living wills. Telekom will cover the costs for the consultation and placement.

Our employees develop lots of ideas for how to best master the work and family balancing act. In the end, you are in the best position to know what options will work best for you when coordinating these two aspects of your life. That’s why we set up the Telekom “Family Fund” in 2006. This fund supports employee-initiated projects and local initiatives, at our different locations, which aim to improve the work/family management. The “Family Fund” acts as a source of start-up financing. Telekom aims to help getting these projects on their feet – long-term financing is unfortunately not possible. As an example, we support parent and child offices, childcare solutions, coaching for parents and also skills training for caregiving relatives, as people in different stages of life require different forms of support.

Employee Networks

A lot of colleagues have the same interests as you do. Why not get in touch with them through one of our many employee networks? Participation is voluntary and the groups are open to everyone. If you would like to set up a new network, then HR Business Services would be happy to help. The following networks are currently active: the two biggest Telekom ladies networks are women@work and the umbrella organization W@T-Systems; Queerbeet – the network for all lesbian, gay, bi- und transsexual employees; the “International Lunch Table” – the network for intercultural exchange between foreign employees in Bonn, “Christians at Telekom” (German: Christen bei Telekom); the “Amateur Radio Operators” (German: Funkamateure), as well as “Stay in contacT” and “Home Game” (German: Heimspiel).

Do you want to stay in touch with the company even while you’re on parental leave? The network “Stay in ContacT” makes this possible. It is aimed at employees on parental leave and provides a platform for exchanging information on topics such as balancing the demands of work and family life, career paths or your planned return to work. “Stay in ContacT” provides support with regular telephone conferences, information and get-togethers. Why not use the platform to look for a new position for your return to work or to make new contacts, if for example you would like to enter into a job share with a colleague.

Our mentoring program helps to pave the way for a smooth return to work for managers, junior managers and experts before, during and after parental leave. The mentors – experienced managers – stay in touch with their mentees and for example, give them access to their network of contacts.
Are you expecting a baby? Or do you have small children? That’s great! Enjoy it! In order to make your return to work easier and to help you get off to a good start, Telekom has innovative schemes for management staff, junior managers and experts with families. Through our mentoring-programs we want to try to avoid breaks in your career development. A mentor will support a mentee for a period of between 18-20 months – this means before, during and after parental leave. The supporting manager will facilitate access to new networks, offer assistance with self-marketing or provide tips on organizing future working hours. Our goal: We want to improve work-life management for all of our employees. Together with our management teams, we’re improving the acceptance levels of our work/life schemes. With their support we can start working towards a results driven culture. By the way: The mentors are experienced managers, however your mentor should not be your direct line-manager.

Important: It is recommended that mentees are part of Telekom’s “management-talent pool” and that a statement concerning their potential formed part of their last evaluation.

The network “Heimspiel” is for fathers at DT. More and more fathers want to take on an equal role in raising their children, as such “Heimspiel” encourages interaction between fathers and aims to increase the company’s awareness of the importance of being family-friendly. The network collects and publishes information and options for fathers. If you need advice, you can find competent contacts in relation to a variety topics through “Heimspiel”.