Health and Social Welfare

For businesses to hold their ground against the competition, they need a motivated and capable workforce. The health of our employees is important to us. And if you find yourself in social hardship, we won’t turn our back on you.

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Health and Fitness

We believe that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to protecting your health. And we believe in our managers leading by example.

Many illnesses can be easily treated if they are detected early enough. Some can even be prevented if you are informed about potential risks early on. That’s why Telekom offers a free annual medical check. A physical examination, identification of individual risk-factors and a consultation on the findings are all included in the check. If you choose, as part of the consultation the physician can also give you tips on how to boost your physical and mental health. Naturally, all information obtained during this medical check is subject to doctor-patient confidentiality. Are you interested in a medical check? Then please register with your responsible occupational physician (German: Betriebsärztlicher Dienst).

Every year, more than 13,000 employees, from the age of 45, participate in a precautionary bowel-cancer check. Telekom covers the costs for the screening. This is not our only preventive measure which is free of charge. We offer a wide spectrum of preventive measures including blood pressure checks and diabetes screening and even a mobile fitness instructor. Over a period of seven weeks, the qualified trainer will come to you and your colleagues in the office, for up to 30 minutes each time, and show you how to do simple exercises at work that help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

We are all unique. So is each problem. The employee and executive advisory service (German: MFB) is always on hand to help you with any problems both in and out of the office. A professional consultation is available at the MFB’s offices, at your place of work or at a neutral location and of course with guaranteed confidentiality.

Employee Advisory Service

Are you suffering because of tensions in the workplace? Are you worried about corporate changes or perhaps you’ve got problems at home? Then please make use of our diverse information, advisory and mediation services provided by the employee and executive advisors. The employee and executive advisory service’s experts will work with you to find solutions, for example for work related stress issues, changes at work or in your private life, tensions in working relationships, problems with your partner, in your family or with your children, alcohol and substance abuse, interpersonal issues as well as debt issues. In extreme cases crisis intervention and emergency psychological care (for example following shop robberies or assaults) are also on offer through the consultants.

Executive Advisory Service

The employee and executive advisory service also supports executives in their roles as managers for example when dealing with the death of an employee or one of their relatives or a seriously ill employee.

Seminars and Workshops

To complement our individual advisory services, we also offer presentations and workshops for teams and open groups on social topics such as psychological pressure, stress management, resilience training and addictions.


It is also possible to have anonymous consultations via a special service line. The experts for work-related questions as well as private topics are available at our freecall service line on 0800 330 1699. The line is open Mondays to Fridays from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Social Welfare

Welfare Service

Our welfare service is there for you should you suffer a misfortune or find yourself in need. If a close relative passes away, in cases of severe illness, or if you find yourself in social hardship of some kind. Our welfare service offers different forms of support, someone to talk to, support when dealing with government bureaucracy, or financial assistance. This could include subsidies for job-related moving costs; or the welfare service might partially cover the costs of childcare if you have to do shift work. Our welfare service is also there for you if your children wish to go to university (a grant may be available).

Recreation Service

Would you like to have an inexpensive holiday? Somewhere in Germany? Or perhaps further afield? Our recreation service, the “ErholungsWerk Post Postbank Telekom e.V.”, is a charitable association and offers Telekom employees (including former employees) reasonably priced holidays. The recreation service’s brochure includes 18 holiday resorts in Germany and the Netherlands, along with other options both near and far (as at: beginning of 2015). The recreation service also provides subsidies for travelling with children.

Important: Book early to secure the best deals. By registering for the recreation service’s newsletter, you can stay informed about all of the latest offers.

Are you suffering financial hardship through no fault of your own? If you’re experiencing serious economic issues our social fund can offer speedy help. Our financial support schemes also include, as an example, contributions towards recreational schemes for severely disabled children.

Important: Further information concerning the eligibility criteria can be found in the social funds handbook.