Manager at the Center for Strategic Projects: Shape change as a consultant

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Manager at CSP

If you have consultancy and project management experience and are looking to expand your leadership qualities, why not join our Center for Strategic Projects as a manager?

You enjoy taking on project responsibility and pushing ahead your own topics, and want to get your career rolling at Deutsche Telekom with consultancy assignments. Then we offer the best opportunities for you to build on your expertise. As a manager at our Center for Strategic Projects (CSP), you will learn how to coach and advance your team colleagues. You will also work intensively on projects to develop a strong bond of trust with your customers and thus establish a broad network of contacts. You are not only effective at structuring change processes, but can also make a persuasive case - including to top-level management - for their necessity. With several years of consultancy experience behind you and a project management background, you are able to grasp even complicated issues connected with the transformation project. You have excellent skills in team integration and motivation, conflict solution and delegation. You put Deutsche Telekom's values into practice and accept responsibility for your project results.

You have several years of consultancy and (sub-)project management under your belt. You are familiar with a broad range of approaches that you can apply to your work and have strong project coaching skills. You are socially adept and familiar with project management - underpinned by evidence of training and development measures.

As you can see, we expect a lot from you. So expect a lot from us, too!

Meet our employee

Lukas von Kohout is a manager at the Center for Strategic Projects.

As Manager, I am responsible for planning and project management tasks in our team. I consider myself successful if I integrate the relevant decision-making departments into the solution of the actual problem, harnessing the company dynamic. The tasks I deal with touch on growth, efficiency and governance topics of all types on a global level, from the rigorous restructuring of a business unit or the new market approach of a segment to target development for the Group as a whole. Alongside my project work, I am closely involved in recruiting new talent and in developing the content of our efficiency initiatives.

The internal and external environments are complex, diverse and ever-changing. Our aim is to develop lasting structures, to provide guidance in uncertain territory and to empower all those involved to be part of change processes. This involves not only intellectual ability and political astuteness, but also an excellent capacity to win confidence and exercise strong powers of persuasion among all those involved.

My background

I studied an interdisciplinary degree in media at university and worked as part of a philosophical research group. I have worked in India, Australia and Germany in the fields of strategy consulting, organization and sales in media, IT and politics. I developed my entrepreneurial skills setting up various online activities, heading a student consulting group and leading a company sale in the SME segment. I also exercised my commitment to social issues, receiving funding for this from a charitable organization. I then decided to apply for the Deutsche Telekom Start Up! program, and joined the company in the Chairman's Department, which was also my starting point at the Center for Strategic Projects.

... first of all I find its mission fascinating: restructuring one of the biggest players in the most dynamic industry. Secondly, because at the Center I benefit from dynamic, holistic HR development and thirdly, because the friendly atmosphere and good work-life balance provide an excellent setting for long-term growth.

... we are really going to meet our high expectations for transformation and employee development, while a pleasant development setting is extremely conducive to a fulfilling professional life.

...we are really going to meet our high expectations for transformation and employee development, while a pleasant development setting is extremely conducive to a fulfilling professional life.

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