Ryan Sun, T-Systems China

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“The innovative technology and teamwork make my job more enjoyable – especially when we exceed customer expectations.”

Becoming part of one of the world’s biggest Information and Communications Technology providers has its advantages – a global information network to solve problems quickly and collectively.

I was working with Gedas when Telekom bought it in 2006. I quickly came to appreciate not only the innovative technologies we use and develop but also the effort and dedication Telekom employees give to their jobs and co-workers. I really enjoy being part of this big, international team.

In addition to the group effort, I also value Telekom’s global network and open atmosphere. If I have a question or concern that can’t be answered locally, my co-workers abroad are often happy to jump in and help. This was exactly the case with one of my proudest moments here: a migration project from Germany to China. We had to move a massive amount of customer data and lacked the local knowledge.

The project was even more difficult because it was scheduled during the Chinese New Year. Co-workers from Kosice were our savior. Not only did they offer their expertise, they also provided on-site support here. Telekom’s worldwide network and corporate team spirit not only help me do my job better, they’re also how we ensure our customers receive the best-possible service.

Here in China, we benefit from our team spirit even when we’re not in the office. Often we have team dinners to get to know each other personally. It’s very informal and is always just based on someone’s suggestion. Like most IT people, I’m very passionate about my work. And if I couldn't do what I do – well, I’d help build more schools for the underprivileged in China.

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