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We want you to smash your time with us, that’s why we want someone like this:

  • An end-to-end cloud designer designs and sets up a private cloud infrastructure that meets the organisation’s business requirements while ensuring safety, growth, and availability.
  • As “E2E Cloud Designer”, the work will support our TDI (Technology Delivery International) team with translating DT (Deutsche Telekom) strategical imperatives like “Telco-as-a-Platform”.
  • A deep understanding of our customers (Natcos, DT units, TDG, …), Telco Services, Vendor Platforms, and Cloud Services, will enable the right solution design and delivery to our TDI partner and end customers.
  • The focus is also on orchestrating and merging the TDI capabilities across all business areas (Networking, Cloud, Telco Engineering Services, …).
  • You will work closely with our partners (Natcos), supporting the development of minimum viable products, and maintain regular contact with Natcos teams.

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You can tick off several the following boxes with the knowledge you possess:

  • Customer & Partner focus: Work closely with our partners (Natcos) to understand their needs and recommend best practices for long-term business outcomes and become their trusted technology advisor. Understand in detail, the local market needs and requirements of end customers consuming our services (voice, data, messaging, …). The designer also represents the voice of the end customer in developing new features and services that will have an impact on design consideration for the enablers such as cloud platforms (be it private/ public/hybrid), and related technical capabilities. Conduct partner and customer workshops to understand the technology and strategic drivers and most importantly with workload application teams (customers and vendors) and their end users (voice, messaging, data), that will run on the cloud infrastructure.

  • Product focus: work closely internally with product managers and product owners to guide, steer and shape the TDI product portfolio and product functionality, using product management methodologies.

  • Technology trends and strategy: Stay abreast of relevant, current, and future technology trends in cloud and the broader IT area. Develop areas of depth in technical domains relevant to the business’s and the designer’s interests. Give strategic direction and guidance to TDI on technology trends and decisions. e.g. Hyperscaler evaluation; NEON (Next Generation Evolution of our Networks) and others

  • Cloud architecture design (including multi-cloud): Responsible for designing cloud infrastructure that meets specific requirements. This includes designing the network, storage, compute, security, and management control layers. Create and capture best practices and technical content for cloud services. The designer needs to have a strong understanding of virtualisation, containerisation, and automation technologies to design and deploy the cloud infrastructure. e.g. / Additionally, all options should be carefully considered - buy, borrow and build.

  • Technical requirements analysis: The designer should work with stakeholders to identify the organisation’s business and technical requirements, including capacity, performance, and security requirements

  • Technical integration: The designer should work with other teams to integrate the private cloud infrastructure with other enterprise systems and services, including identity and access management, monitoring, and backup.

  • Security & Governance: The designer should design and implement robust security controls, including network segmentation, access controls, and encryption, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the private cloud infrastructure. The designer will ensure that the private cloud infrastructure complies with the organisation’s governance and compliance policies, including data protection, privacy, and regulatory requirements.

  • Performance optimisation: The designer should continuously monitor the private cloud infrastructure’s performance and optimise the resource allocation to ensure optimal performance and efficiency

  • Documentation, training, and knowledge sharing with team members: The designer should document the private cloud infrastructure design and operation procedures and provide training to other TDI staff to ensure they can maintain and operate the private cloud infrastructure. Evangelise and educate about TDI cloud technology (e.g., workshops, user groups, meetups, public speaking, online videos, or conferences). Contribute to the growth of the TDI CCP organisat

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  • International activity

    So far away and yet so close - in our international working environment, working across national borders is part of everyday life.

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About us


Here you will find groundbreaking projects that contribute to social and ecological well-being. An environment with people like you, who contribute fresh ideas, different points of view, who accept challenges and are continuously learning, to grow and impact society... All this, without forgetting to have fun along the way!

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 242 million mobile customers, 27 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines.

We are a trusted companion in an increasingly complex digital world – at home and at work, anyplace, anytime.

We take a long-term commitment when it comes to our employees. You will develop your career working in one or more innovation projects of Deutsche Telekom Group, exploring the latest trends and technologies which enable the product development process. You will grow not only your knowledge, but also your network, by interacting with a wide group of experts in areas such as Software Development, Automation and cutting edge Telco services.

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