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Virtually every company in Germany has been the target of at least one cyber-attack. The situation for personal internet usage is also alarming: Every second user has been the victim of cyber-crime. This is not about to change,
so the issue of IT security is of paramount importance. Telekom Security is the market leader for IT security solutions in Germany and brings together the Group's full range of cyber-security expertise. It offers customers – private individuals, SMEs, and major firms alike – products and solutions designed to protect every aspect of their IT networks, from smartphones to corporate infrastructures.

No security – no digitalization

We want to make security easy for everyone. Easy to order, easy to install, and easy to use. These are our guidelines when developing comprehensive security strategies for companies, organizations, and government institutions.

Telekom shapes the future of digital so it can bring people closer together. However, digitalization is not possible without security. Cyber-security is the key factor for making the internet of things a success, because protecting data is essential if companies want the market to accept their new business models. Team up with us: Together, we can create a secure infrastructure for the future and, at the same time, establish the conditions that digitalization needs.

A dark office with a virtual banner saying "Cyber Defense Center activated".
A dark office with a virtual banner saying "Treats are constantly increasing".
A dark office with a virtual banner saying "We keep them in check".

The leading name in IT security

When it comes to IT security, Telekom is the market leader in Germany. We are setting new milestones in this field with the help of our new, integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operations Center, the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe.
The combined expertise of our network of 1,200+ international security specialists and an extensive portfolio, ranging from security packages for individuals' personal use to cyber-defense for high-tech companies, make Telekom the first choice for people interested in a career in IT security.
Whether you're interested in a management or specialist position, sales or technology, B2B or B2C, our company will let you develop in the direction that's important to you. We help you to familiarize yourself with your tasks and support you as you address new challenges.

7 Current job offers in the security environment

Netphen, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

IT-Administrator - Schwerpunkt Linux/Unix (m/w/d) im Telekom Trust Center Netphen

Darmstadt, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Junior Security Consultant - Cloud Technologies (m/w/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Junior Experte IT-Forensik (m/w/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Penetration Tester (m/w/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Junior Penetration Tester (m/w/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Senior Experte IT-Forensik (m/w/d)

Bonn, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Experte IT-Forensik (m/w/d)

Your way in, and your way up

Join our security team and help protect the data of families, SMEs, and major corporations. Safeguarding the internal security of the Group is another mission that you can join. When you work for us, you can be as creative, innovative, and disruptive as you want.

We use well-established processes to develop, test, configure, and monitor our products and solutions. In doing so, we link up with scores of start-ups and leading technology partners, and we are constantly expanding this ecosystem so that our IT security always remains state-of-the-art. And to ensure that your job-related skills remain up-to-date as well, we also promote your professional development.

Have you been working on a company's IT security issues for several years, or have you worked as a consultant in this field? Are you familiar with IP networks, digital forensics, and web and application security? Can you program IT security tools? If you want a new position that challenges and fulfills you, then come to Telekom Security. We are looking for the following:

Threat analysts
Portfolio managers
Security experts
Team leaders
Sales specialists

Seize your opportunity! Add your expertise to our team's, and work with the market leader in Germany on our vision for secure networks.

In our mission to create comprehensive security concepts, we focus on always staying one step ahead of attackers. As the technology changes, what we need to deliver also changes. At Telekom, you keep leaning and growing so that you always stay abreast of the latest developments and are therefore in a position to tackle the problems of tomorrow. We can offer you an impressive range of personalized training and career development options, such as different programs for technical and management positions, opportunities to work abroad, or studying for a degree parallel to your job. The choice is completely up to you.

As a trainee at Telekom, you have the freedom to structure your 18 months with us exactly as you wish. There is only one requirement: Select a single focal topic. You can choose "Technology and Innovation" and work independently on tasks you have selected within the context of Telekom Security projects.

Are you an IT specialist but want to earn your stripes as a top-flight security expert? We have joined up with Cologne's chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) and Open C³S, a program run by different tertiary education institutes, to create a unique type of course designed to train you as a cyber-security professional over two and a half years. Applicants must have a degree in IT or have completed vocational training in the field.

Hands-on work experience will help you develop the necessary skills, and you will acquire the latest technical expertise by participating in projects. Blended learning options make sure you learn about the theoretical underpinning of the issue.

At the end of the two and half year period, you will be given a project as an opportunity to demonstrate your new abilities. On successfully completing the test at the end of the course, the chamber of industry and commerce will award you a certificate as a cyber-security professional.

IT security: Your contacts

Do you have questions about the career opportunities we offer in the field of Telekom security? Would you like to hear more about a specific position or team? Write one of our recruitment experts at Telekom Security. You can also use our contact form to ask for further information.

Stefan Oelschlägel, Lead Recruiter

Stefan Oelschlägel


Annette Reichardt, Lead Hiring Manager Security

Annette Reichardt

Hiring Manager

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