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Stand up & stand out

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In today’s world standing up for what you believe in is becoming more and more important. We don’t think that is just something for the individual but that as a company we also have the duty to strive for a better world. See what we are doing already, although we are always open to new suggestions.


Deutsche Telekom

Telekom is committed to a network that is open to the world and accessible to all, creating a space for a variety of opinions and perspectives. We believe in a web without hate, in which all people treat each other with respect. We all ask ourselves how we can counter hate on the internet. So, here's an answer: Together. Let's empower those who need help. Support those who are alone. Let's show those who spread hate that they are only a few. When the rest of us stand together, the internet can become a better place. When love is loud, hate doesn't stand a chance. To do this, we work with partners who inspire people to take action themselves and provide them with the right tool kit. Have a look at what our partners do and offer. 

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Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia

Smartphone held in hand

ZVEDAVO allows children to discover animals that are shy and do not normally show themselves to people during a walk in the Furča Forest Park. Thanks to 3D technology, children can examine them in detail, get acquainted with the structure of their body, listen to the sounds they make and even take pictures with them. Everything that children see on the walk is stored in the application, which also tests their knowledge. With the help of interactive quizzes from the app, they have fun, which makes learning easier. The application also uses augmented reality, which provides a simple selection of animal model animations.

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T-Systems Iberia


How can we measure whether and to what extent an organization is implementing the measures agreed upon in the Agenda 2030? T-Systems has worked with 20 municipal administrations in Spain to develop Syrah Sustainability, a configurable sustainable development goals dashboard that enables all public and private organizations to define, visualize, measure, and monitor sustainability indicators. The aggregated information provides a good barometer for deciding on a case-by-case basis which measures have not yet achieved the desired result and where things are going as planned. T-Systems offers Syrah as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model for the private and public sectors. It is used for big data and data analytics to measure and monitor compliance with municipal sustainability goals. The analysis shows where customers need to make improvements. And as the analysis progresses, it can be used to monitor which sustainability measures are taking effect.

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