Look behind the scenes with our internships

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Look behind the scenes with our internships

Bringing people together, making life better and easier for all: Students on internships at Deutsche Telekom work on meaningful projects set to change our world for good.

What can you expect on an internship at Deutsche Telekom?

Whether you are doing your internship voluntarily or for college credit, you will be given in-depth insights into our company as an intern at Deutsche Telekom. You will be working with us on challenging projects focusing on the future of digital, e.g. in the fields of IoT, security testing, and social media.

Forget all the clichés that come to mind when you think of internships: You will be taking responsibility when you work for us. We will never ask you to make coffee, and you will be put to work on challenging projects that will help you to grow as a person and as a professional. You can make your first key contacts in the industry and start to build up your own professional network. We will also pay an attractive wage of €1,538 (last updated: 2018) and offer you the chance to shape the future of digital with us.

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Telekom Career Matcher

You are not sure yet where your professional journey will take you? As an international company, Deutsche Telekom offers a wide range of opportunities. But which job matches your interests? Our Career Matcher will help you to find it out.

Assess yourself in the following chat; afterwards you will receive your main interests and corresponding job offers.

The Career Matcher

Forget all the clichés that come to mind about internships. With us, you take responsibility. And not just for making coffee, but in challenging projects that will help you grow both professionally and personally. You can make your first important contacts and start building your own personal career network. In addition, we offer you an attractive salary and the opportunity to shape the digital future together with us.

Our interships
(gross remuneration per month)
Interships to maximum of 3 month
(min. 4 Weeks)
voluntary and mandatory internships
800 € (Bachelors-Degree/ preiod of transition between Bachelor and Master)
1,000 € (Masters-Degree)
Interships lasting longer than 3 month
voluntary and mandatory internships

34h-week: 1,835 € (as of 01.01.2024)
36h-week: 1,943 € (as of 01.01.2024)
38h-week: 2.051 € (as of 01.01.2024)
40h-week: 2,159 € (as of 01.01.2024)

Info: the remuneration for internships lasting longer than 3 months is based on the respective minimum wage.

4 to 18 month
(depends on your allocation of hours)
voluntary internships

683 € bis 1,613 € (as of 01.01.2024)
depends on your allocation of hours
(min. 55 hours/month until max. 130 hours/month)

Work experience at a company is a great way to round off your studies. We have mandatory internship placements lasting a minimum of four weeks, up to a maximum of the period stipulated in your conditions of study.

You can also complete a voluntary internship at any stage of your studies. You decide the length of time – we can accommodate you for a minimum of four weeks up to a maximum of six months. If you want to complete an internship while your lectures are still being held, we recommend the flexible internship at Deutsche Telekom.

We provide voluntary internships for a duration of between four weeks and six months for graduates on a gap year wanting to gain valuable work experience before their master’s degree begins. This can also take the form of a flexible internship.

Don’t want to push yourself past your limits with a voluntary internship during your studies? We get it. Doing a Flexible Internship is a stress-free way to combine work and study as you can choose your hours. Perfect! Especially if you’re approaching the stressful exam season.

If you opt for a Flexible Internship, you will gain an in-depth insight into our company for a minimum of four and maximum of 18 months. We will mutually agree on an allocation of between 55 and 130 hours a month. You can fit the work in as and when you like in consultation with your team, so you won’t need to drop your standards during your studies.

During your time at the company, you will be able to fully focus on challenging projects in the fields of the Internet of Things, security testing or social media, so that you play a role in shaping our customers’ digital future.

The application process for student`s internship or flexible internship



...it only takes 10 minutes. You will receive a confirmation of receipt vial email moments later.
After 2 Weeks


Your profile matches the vacancy and we invite you to interview.
After 2 Weeks


Come and show us who you are: You`re a great fit for us!
After 2 Weeks


Welcome aboard! You can start your intership on your requested date.
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Tips for applicants

First up, one of the most important tips of all: Show us who you are. We want to see the applicant’s real self. Be frank, be honest. Personalities. A mix of different characters, viewpoints, and experiences is one of the main reasons for Telekom’s success.

With us, you are in good hands and not just from your first day of work. 


#PREBOARDING: As soon as you sign your contract, you receive access to our Onboarding App. The app helps you to familiarize yourself with Telekom and our way of working in advance. We also provide tips and advice on your first day at work. So you can take the next exciting step in your professional career in a relaxed manner.

#ONBOARDING: From your first day of work, we'll kick-start the turbo. In the app, you'll get insights on our workplace IT-systems and used tools, such as apps that facilitate virtual collaboration. You will also receive offers for events to get you started directly with internal networking. A special highlight for interns is the access to a WebEx group where you can connect with other interns.

#TAKEOFF: Once you have arrived in the Telekom world, we focus on your development. You have direct access to our YouLearn formats via the app. There are many opportunities for you to continue your personal and professional development - when and where you want.


You can find all current vacancies here!

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Team Telekom Career

Your contact for internship and flexiship questions.


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