Frequently asked Questions to an internship at Telekom

There is a wide range of internships available: Voluntary and mandatory internships, as well as flexiships – we have just the right opportunity for every student. Go to the tab "Our internships" for a complete overview. All vacant jobs are listed in our job search. School students can also experience the professional world of ICT by participating in one of our trial internships.Internships for students

A mandatory internship is an integral part of a curriculum and is a required component for testing student performance – it is included in the study regulations that apply to the curriculum. A voluntary internship is different because you have the freedom to decide whether to enroll or not – and no one defines where and when you complete the internship. In our voluntary internships, you can participate for a period of up to six months during your course of study or in the gap year between your bachelor and master programs. Since a mandatory internship must be completed within a time frame specific by examination regulations, participants are not eligible for holidays. Voluntary interns, however, are entitled to holidays.

These differences are relevant for the internship contract because each type of status requires various kinds of documentation (e.g., health insurance confirmation, matriculation certificate, bachelor's transcript or diploma, etc.). But don't worry – with your own document checklist from our Telekom Career Team, nothing can go wrong!

You can apply for an internship or flexiship online at the Telekom Job Search site. If you need help with your online application, check out our application process.

To ensure that everyone involved has ample time to get things ready, you should include three or four months of lead time in your planning.

With the exception of trial internships, the following applies: You must be a matriculated student, or be in the gap year between your bachelor and master programs. We need to have confirmation of your matriculation, or a document confirming your intention to begin a master's program of study.

And one more important point: You should be creative and able to work well in teams, with the skill to communicate fluently in German and English. What's more, you must be familiar with Microsoft Office applications, and – if possible – already have some kind of job-related experience.

Specific details are included in each vacancy notice. The contact person named in the vacancy notice will also be happy to answer your questions.

That depends on the number of applications we have from other qualified candidates who want to start their internship on the scheduled date. You should phone the contact mentioned in the vacancy notice for more information.

Our internships are only for students. Or those people in the gap year between their bachelor and master programs. Internships are possible during that time period. However, we have many interesting entry-level job programs for graduates.

We offer internships with a duration ranging from four weeks to six months.

You gain intensive and practical experience during this time, with responsibility for real-world tasks and projects.

Unfortunately we cannot offer such internships at this time.

Interns are compensated for their work. They receive between EUR 800 and EUR 1,538 per month, depending on the starting date, duration, previous employment and student status. School students in trial internships are not eligible for remuneration.

In a voluntary flexiship, you have the freedom to arrange your time schedule flexibly to suit your needs – of course, your advisor must be consulted. This flexibility allows you to gain valuable experience even if you have a heavy course load or stress with exams.

You must provide all required documents in German translation.

And depending on your nationality, you need a visa, a residency permit and/or a work permit. Please contact your nearest consulate for details.

Have we answered all your questions about internships and flexiships? If so, you should start looking for a vacancy right now! Send in your application and gain valuable practical experience:

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