How we work

How we work

Our jobs take up a large part of our lives. Whether we work part-time or full-time, our work shapes us. This makes it all the more important for us to be able to work well: working creatively, with great autonomy, a focus on results and the customer, and having fun while we’re at it. 

New Work: the journey is the reward

We had designed and embraced new working methods even before the coronavirus crisis. The “new normal” has accelerated this development, which we are calling New Work. That means that our working world will be entirely different once the pandemic is over. Now it’s all about designing it successfully.

New Work special

Unsere Arbeitswelt nach der Pandemie eine andere sein. Nun geht es darum, sie erfolgreich zu gestalten.

Over the last few months we’ve experienced a great deal of autonomy. We’ve handled this freedom with aplomb, thriving from the increasingly autonomous, self-organized work: we’ve become more productive, healthier, and more satisfied. For me, this proves that New Work is worth it: when we have the opportunity to do meaningful, autonomous work that matches our skill set, the result is satisfaction, motivation, and good business results.

Oliver Hermann, responsible for “New Ways of Working” in the HR unit

The stopwatch is a useful tool for working together in a concentrated and focused manner on the issues.

Agile working

We benefit from employees taking on the responsibility themselves and being more motivated to collaborate across different functions with a common goal in mind: satisfying our customers’ needs even better than before.

Someone holds dominoes labelled Pre-Corona, which fall over, behind him are dominoes labelled Post-Corona.

Guidelines for New Work

A long-term transformation for our working world More virtual collaboration, fewer business trips, leadership from a distance. Deutsche Telekom has five guidelines to provide some orientation to help design the working world of the future.

Our IT and Tech Talents

Who are the people who work at Telekom? What motivates them? How have they been able to shape their careers at Telekom?

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