Michail Spyridakis

Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

Coding is no piece of cake. Unless Michail does it.

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Michail, when did you discover your talent for confectionary?

I discovered baking when I was a student. Together with some friends I started cooking and baking for birthdays and I realized that I liked it and that I was talented at it. From this moment on confectionary turned into my passion. I love making pastries, sweets and desserts. I participated in many confectionery competitions and the most famous was “The Bake Off” (a TV competition in Greece for pastry chefs). It was a unique experience, very different to my role as an IT Engineer.

Do you think that there is any connection between baking and coding?

I would say that the connecting link between being a programmer and a pastry chef is the attention to detail, which is needed in both cases. When writing a code, you need to be precise, otherwise the code will not work. In baking as well, the amount of the ingredients that you use should be exactly those described in the recipe.


What do you enjoy most about making pastries?

My hobby helps me to decompress from my daily job. Through confectionery I eliminate the stress of everyday life, it is something creative and of course it makes people happy. My colleagues ask me all the time to bring them cakes at work. They really support and believe in me. Very often they tell me that I should go to seminars or baking classes to further develop my skills. It actually requires a lot of reading and preparation, so often I read and prepare myself, rather than bake. On the weekends I usually have more time and like to try out new things or recipes.