Fernando Lahoz

Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

Shooting for the stars. And the cloud.

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Fernando, how did you discover your passion for astrophotography? What makes it special for you?

Twenty years ago my wife gave me a beginner’s telescope, and from there, I began to observe and photograph the night sky. Taking an image of sufficient quality is usually a challenge and achieving it gives great satisfaction. I have done various types of astrophotography always with very modest instruments, but perhaps my most successful moment was when Astronomy Magazine published a high resolution double page photo that I had taken of the moon behind a hill.

Do you see any similarities between your hobby and your work as a solution architect?

Astrophotography consists of planning, production and post-production, all the steps are important to obtain a good result. In the projects I work on it is the same, you learn to be effective… time and effort cannot be wasted. It’s about perseverance, knowledge, concentration and continually posing challenges, and of course ... passion is the continuous engine that moves us to do things, to create things. Creating a service proposal, a solution for a client… gives me satisfaction, just like when I get a result. It is my motivation.


Does Telekom support you in developing your talents? 

It offers peace of mind, training and security, at least that's my perception. Work is an important part of your life, I collaborate with a large technology company that does projects or carry out important services and that they count on me. Technology concerns me and my way of being, so if I worked in a company whose activity was different or had the perception that it is not my place, it would undoubtedly hinder my development, both as a person and as a professional.