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Work-Life @ Telekom

We offer our employees the opportunity to combine work and private life on an individual basis through our attractive offers. This is how we create the conditions for motivated, innovative and vital employees.

Which offer suits you?

Make something of your life. This is easier said than done when it comes to reconciling professional career and personal challenges. Time conflicts are unavoidable. With our flexible working time models, we offer you the opportunity to deal with your time in a more self-determined way so that you can concentrate better on the respective challenge.

With flexitime, you decide when you want to work. The proviso is that you must have a flexitime account. There are framework working hours within which you can work.  Where applicable, set service hours must be covered by the team. Flexitime allows you to flexibly work more or fewer hours each day, subject to operational requirements. You receive a constant monthly salary even if you occasionally fall short of the agreed number of hours. This can be balanced out via your flexitime account within the defined traffic light phases. All your working hours are logged using the electronic time sheet system, to ensure a comprehensive record.

Important: You cannot work more than the maximum admissible 10 hours per day.


There are occasions in life when you need more time for yourself or for your family. You can either start your employment on a part-time basis or switch from full-time to part-time. This is also the case even if you hold a management position. As a general rule for employees, as long as the requirements of the business do not dictate otherwise, the company must make it possible for you to reduce your working hours. The application must be submitted using MyPortal at least 3 months in advance of the desired date for the change. Please indicate how many hours you would like to work and how these should be divided across the week. After that a meeting will then take place with your employer. Telekom will inform you about its decision in writing, at least one month in advance of your desired date for the change. Part-time employees must be treated equally.

By the way: Has a relative fallen ill and you would like to be there for them? Maybe you find also the family care time interesting.

Return-from-part-time guarantee

Since 2014 Telekom has guaranteed: Those working part-time can return to their original number of working hours at any time. It is therefore possible to end your part-time employment early. This gives you the necessary peace of mind to react flexibly to a new situation in life. Please inform us at least 3 months in advance of the date that you would like to return to your original working hours.

By the way: Through this program Telekom is leading the way in facilitating part-time employment.

Apprenticeships and Studying for part timers

Since 2011, Telekom together with the Federal Employment Agency (German: Bundesagentur für Arbeit), has been providing part-time apprenticeships and work-study programs for single mums and dads, up to the age of 25, who are receiving social security. These educational schemes for parttimers are possible in all the same fields as the standard Telekom apprenticeships. Studying technical subjects part-time is possible at Telekom’s very own college for telecommunication in Leipzig. The 25 working hours per week are spread across five days. And the kids? They can play while you’re working or studying – perhaps even in one of the Telekom’s day nurseries.

Employees must have reached the age of 55 to qualify for phased retirement. At the end of phased retirement, they transition to early retirement or regular retirement on a full pension. The two to max. eight-year phased retirement period can be scheduled anywhere between an employee's 54th birthday and the start of their standard retirement on a full pension. Early retirement at the age of 62 (or earlier, provided the employee is eligible for a pension at the end of phased retirement) is therefore possible. Employees wishing to retire at a later date can easily do so with the flexi-phased retirement scheme introduced in 2017. Depending on when employees enter phased retirement and how long this period lasts, they can retire from work between the ages of 62 and 66. This means they can also transition directly to an unreduced pension.

Employees can choose to take phased retirement of between two and a maximum of eight years either in the block model or in the part-time model. The block model divides the entire phased retirement period into two phases of equal length. In the first (active) phase, employees continue to work their previous weekly working hours as set out in Germany's Phased Retirement Act [Altersteilzeitgesetz], thus earning a time credit that is balanced out in the second (passive) phase. In the passive phase, employees are released from work. They then enjoy early retirement while their employment relationship, and the social security protection that goes along with it, continue. At the end of the passive phase, the employment relationship terminates and employees begin their retirement. In the part-time model, employees work continuously at half of their previous weekly working hours until the end of the phased retirement period, as defined in the Phased Retirement Act.

While working part-time, employees continue to receive their regular salary based on their reduced weekly working hours. This is calculated in line with the usual provisions. As before, employees continue to pay the applicable taxes and employee contributions to the individual social insurance elements (pension, health, care and unemployment insurance). Additionally, the employer tops up their salary tax-free and free from social insurance contributions during the phased retirement period. Under the block model, this payment is made continuously during both the active and passive phases, i.e., both while employees are working their previous weekly hours and also during the period in which they are released from work.

Thanks to modern communication technology, in many fields of work it is now possible to work where and when we choose. IT and telecommunication make us more flexible, quicker and more effective. The downside is that the line between our work life and private life is becoming increasingly blurred. That suits some people, but not everyone. Telekom’s “Mobile Devices Policy” is intended to help you with this balancing act. We respect your free-time. So you naturally don’t always need to be reachable. At the end of your working day, on vacation or on the weekend, you don’t have to read or deal with any emails. Please set yourself some clearly defined email times and keep on asking yourself whether you should be sending emails in your free-time.

Important: Critical situations, in which a swift response is necessary, are excluded from the mobile devices policy. In these cases individual arrangements apply.

Why not successfully organise a challenging activity together or benefit from the experience of other employees? Tandem models offer you more freedom in the organisation of your working time and the distribution of your tasks - more flexibility in the office = more flexibility in your private life. We offer two variants.

Would you like to dedicate some of your time to your family, volunteer work or further education? But would you also like to hold a position of responsibility at work? You can do both! Simply share your tasks and your job with a colleague. Even some of our managers work in tandem. There are many arguments in favor of organizing your work in such a way. You have more freedom for your own personal goals, you can achieve better results at work through the interexchange with your tandem-partner and you can learn from them. You and your tandem colleague can agree between yourselves how to allocate your working hours. Much more flexible than the pre-existing part-time schemes. The same applies for key tasks and responsibilities.

When an expert or a manager retires, valuable know-how and experience may be lost. Through the knowledge transfer tandem scheme, this loss can be prevented in that a mature employee coaches a younger colleague for a limited period of time. A positive side effect of this is that when the old and young learn from each other, their mutual esteem for one another increases. Would you like to have a smooth transition into retirement? Then you can reduce your personal working hours during the tandem period.

Life can’t always be planned in advance. Time-out can be. This option allows you to create more time for yourself and your relatives, or to gain new perspectives on things. Whichever option you choose, it won’t have a negative impact on your career, because we see diversity as an opportunity.

Lifetime work account

More flexibility: Most employees have the option to deposit parts of their salary into a "lifetime work account" (German: LAZKo – Lebensarbeitszeitkonto). Employees, who fall under collective bargaining agreements, are also able to deposit up to 80 hours of their working time into such a "LAZKo" account. Thus, employees have the opportunity to finance a time-out at a later date, for instance, a time-out close to retirement, a sabbatical or by increasing their part-time salary.

Unpaid leave

There are many reasons for taking time-out, for example to raise children, to care for relatives, to study or to further your education. During unpaid leave, contractual obligations for both contractual parties lay dormant. The employer doesn’t pay a salary and the employee doesn’t perform any work-related tasks, however, the contract of employment remains in force. Please discuss the possibility of your returning to work with your line-manager at the earliest opportunity. Depending on the length of your absence, it may be necessary to consider a change of field. Incidentally, you can also take unpaid leave for many other personal reasons. If a family member requires care, our range of care offerings may also be of interest to you

Parental leave

Do you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet? That’s great - congratulations! You and your partner have the right to parental leave up until your child’s third birthday, or possibly even up to the end of the child’s eighth year of life, depending on how the leave is divided up. Your employment status will lay dormant during that time but remains in force. Furthermore you have the option to work part-time during your parental leave – up to 30 hours per week. Sounds interesting? Then please contact your manager as early as possible. After your parental leave we want your return to work to be as easy as possible. You should therefore discuss this with your manager approximately two months before the end of parental leave. You will either return to your old job, or to a financially equivalent and comparable role.
The employee network “Stay in ContacT” provides those on parental leave with a platform for exchanging information on all topics related to returning to work and balancing the demands of work and family life.

By the way: By taking unpaid leave, at Telekom you can extend your parental leave over and above the statutory parental leave period.

Whilst on parental leave you can receive “Elterngeld”, a form of parental-leave pay. Parents of children born from 1 July 2015 will have the option to choose between the current basic allowance (German: Basiselterngeld) and a new option “ElterngeldPlus”, it is also possible to combine these two options. The “ElterngeldPlus” is a good option for mothers and fathers who would like to start working part-time whilst receiving “Elterngeld”.

Educational leave

Lifelong learning is something we especially encourage. That’s why you can take educational leave for up to four years if you wish to study. It may also be possible to extend this period. Prerequisite:  You want to study for a recognized university degree, and operational requirements permit this. Your employment status will be suspended during educational leave.

Organize your work in a way so that it is compatible to your private life. For example, you don’t just do your work at the office but sometimes also from home. This means you have greater personal responsibility and more freedom in planning your time.

Deutsche Telekom is addressing the future challenges posed by digitization, which also includes taking a look at its own work environment. Trust, share, shape – this is the motto under which Deutsche Telekom is introducing new work environments across the Group as part of its Future Work program. Future Work is making a huge contribution not only in enhancing the innovativeness and agility of Deutsche Telekom, but in shaping the workplace according to the business needs. Future Work consistently follows the "activity-based working" approach. This means employees choose their work location depending on the task they are working on. Various options are on offer, such as mobile working, quiet think tank areas, or temporary project or creative rooms. Overall, Future Work is made up of the following four components:

Working in modern office environments to improve collaboration, desk sharing to promote communication, mobile working to enhance flexibility, plus the appropriate leadership style based on our Guiding Principles.

Switching to a new way of working requires a new understanding of collaboration on the part of those involved. Taking responsibility and showing mutual respect and consideration are an essential basis for a modern work and leadership culture.

By now Future Work was introduced to 18,000 employees and further implementations are already planned.

Working from your home office or on the move is already standard practice at Deutsche Telekom. We have offered alternating and mobile telecommuting since 1995, giving our employees greater control over their working day.

Alternating telecommuting

In alternating telecommuting, part of the work is relocated to the employee’s own home. Your contract states how work is split between the office and your home.

Mobile telecommuting

With mobile telecommuting, you work from changing locations: on the move, in the office, or at the customer’s premises. You can also incorporate your home into the mix. Here too, the details are set out in your employment contract.

Important: You will need a suitable working environment for alternating and mobile telecommuting. Details of this and other aspects are regulated by the collective agreement on telecommuting and the GWA on telecommuting for employees outside of collective agreements.

Flexibility: At home and on the move

More flexible, more mobile, more digital. The world of work is evolving: Communications technologies enable people to easily reply to e-mails while on the move, and to dial into virtual meetings while on business trips. With this in mind, alongside conventional forms of telecommuting, our employees also use other opportunities for mobile working, and occasionally perform their duties at home or on the move. However, the company workplace remains the main focus of activity. Your role must lend itself to this type of working; operational requirements must also be taken into account. This gives our employees even greater flexibility and opportunities to decide for themselves how to perform their duties.

In order to implement mobile working as a new, innovative work form at Deutsche Telekom, in 2016 a collective agreement was adopted setting out the principal framework provisions.

Do you want to get a quick haircut? Perhaps your shirts need dry-cleaning? And your stomach is rumbling? At many of our locations, we have in-house services such as cafeterias, dry-cleaners, cash machines, hairdressers and even physiotherapists.

Efficient, agile employees are the prerequisite for our economic success. For this reason, our workplace health promotion focuses on identifying and reducing the risk of illness at an early stage in order to prevent illnesses.

Many illnesses can be easily treated if they are detected early enough. Some can even be prevented if you are informed about potential risks early on. That’s why Telekom offers a free annual medical check. A physical examination, identification of individual risk-factors and a consultation on the findings are all included in the check. If you choose, as part of the consultation the physician can also give you tips on how to boost your physical and mental health. Naturally, all information obtained during this medical check is subject to doctor-patient confidentiality. Are you interested in a medical check? Then please register with your responsible occupational physician (German: Betriebsärztlicher Dienst).

Every year, more than 13,000 employees, from the age of 45, participate in a precautionary bowel-cancer check. Telekom covers the costs for the screening. This is not our only preventive measure which is free of charge. We offer a wide spectrum of preventive measures including blood pressure checks and diabetes screening and even a mobile fitness instructor. Over a period of seven weeks, the qualified trainer will come to you and your colleagues in the office, for up to 30 minutes each time, and show you how to do simple exercises at work that help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Every person is different. Even in successful teams, professional and private problems can arise that burden the individual or the entire team. With our information and consulting services, we offer support so that things run smoothly again. In addition to individual counselling, we also offer lectures and workshops for teams and open groups on social topics.

Where people work and live together, problems or conflicts arise that sometimes cannot be solved without support. This is where the experts of the staff and management consultancy help, who search for solutions together with the affected persons, for example in the case of stress at work, professional and private changes, tensions in cooperation, problems in the partnership, in the family or with the children, with the abuse of alcohol, medication or drugs, difficulties in the interpersonal area as well as with debts. In extreme situations, crisis intervention and psychosocial emergency care (e.g. in the case of shop robberies) are also part of the services offered by the counsellors.

The qualified consultants provide a protected framework and support the employees individually up to a good solution. On request, we can refer you to internal and external specialist departments.

And what is important: Nobody learns anything about the interview, all consultants are bound to secrecy.

Employee and management consulting also supports managers in their role as superiors, e.g. in difficult employee discussions, conflicts and crisis situations, difficult decisions as well as in role collisions and conflicts.


An anonymous consultation is also possible via a special service line. The experts for professional and life questions can be reached free of charge by telephone Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To complement our individual advisory services, we also offer presentations and workshops for teams and open groups on social topics such as psychological pressure, stress management, resilience training and addictions.

Work and family fit together with us. We support our employees with competent advice and care and services tailored to their needs so that their children are always well looked after and cared for and they can get fully involved in their jobs without a guilty conscience.

Good child care is vital for combining work and family. We currently offer more than 500 day care places at seven locations for the mothers and fathers we employ. At present, these locations are Bonn, Darmstadt, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt,  Leipzig and Nuremberg (as at April 2018). Day care centers are managed by well-known operators with many years of experience in the field of company childcare.

Children love the school holidays, but for parents, they can sometimes be a headache. In collaboration with awo lifebalance GmbH, Deutsche Telekom offers two weeks’ childcare during the summer vacation for employees’ children aged between six and twelve at a number of its larger sites in Germany, so you can rest assured that your children are well looked after when you are unable to take time off yourself. We have also joined forces with awo lifebalance GmbH to support you even if you work at a different location. Perhaps your daughter or son has outgrown holiday games and is more into sports and adventures? If so, 10- to 14-year-olds can register for the Telekom summer camp.

Please note that some children from deprived backgrounds and disabled children may be eligible to enjoy several weeks of summer camp at Deutsche Telekom’s expense.

You cannot concentrate fully on your work unless you know that your children are being well looked-after.  awo lifebalance GmbH can help Deutsche Telekom employees to find suitable childcare, by mediating places at childcare facilities as well as childcare providers such as nannies, childminders, babysitters and au pairs. Deutsche Telekom covers the cost of the consultation and mediation service, but not the childcare itself.

The “Childcare in families in Bonn” network can also provide support by helping to arrange nannies, parent-and-child groups and special services for single parents. The network services are free of charge for employees of Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiaries in Bonn.

So, your childminder is sick or the nursery is closed? If your child’s regular childcare is unavailable, Deutsche Telekom can step in with emergency childcare, even if your child is sick. You can then rest assured that your child is being well looked-after in a nursery or daycare center; a mobile childminder can also look after them in your home if necessary. awo lifebalance GmbH organizes these placements for parents. Deutsche Telekom covers the cost of the consultation and placement, while the childcare itself is at the employee’s expense.

Got an important meeting but today of all days, your usual childcare is unavailable? Simply bring your son or daughter with you to work in one of our parent-and-child offices (German: Eltern-Kind-Büros). These offices are available for use throughout Germany; locations currently include Hamburg, Darmstadt, Berlin, Bonn, Schwerin and Münster. We can accommodate children of all ages: As well as baby-changing facilities and cribs, the rooms also contain toys, books and paints. Equipped with a desk, telephone and WiFi, meanwhile, you have everything you need to work. If necessary, awo lifebalance GmbH can even organize an emergency childminder to play with your child while you are working. The relevant addresses and points of contact can be found on the intranet. If you would like to set up a parent-and-child office at your location, the HR unit will be happy to assist you.

When you get home at the end of the working day, would you rather spend quality time with your child than worry about the vacuuming, cleaning or gardening? awo lifebalance GmbH provides a placement service for housekeeping and gardening staff. Deutsche Telekom covers the cost of the consultation and arrangement, while the service itself is at the employee’s expense.

The illness and care of a loved one presents families and friends with great challenges - financially, organisationally and psychologically. Deutsche Telekom also provides support in this area.

Sometimes, a family member may suddenly need your help for a limited period when they are unable to care for themselves. You can be there for them, by taking up to ten days’ unpaid leave at short notice. All employees are entitled to this under the Care Leave Act. Long-term care insurance will also pay up to 90 percent of your net earnings during this period.

If a family member needs you to assist with longer-term care, the Care Leave Act states that you may be released from work, either in full or in part, for up to six months to care for your relative. During this period, you are eligible for an interest-free loan from the Federal Office of Family Affairs and Civil Society Functions (German: BAFzA - Bundesamt für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche AufgabenFAFzA) to cushion your loss of earnings.

If your relative still needs care after the six-month care period has ended, immediately following on from the care leave, you may opt to work part-time for family care. The combined duration of both models cannot exceed 24 months.


Family care time allows you to reduce your working week to as little as 15 hours to care for a close family member.  To bridge the financial shortfall, you can apply for an interest-free loan from the Federal Office of Family Affairs and Civil Society Functions (German: BAFzA - Bundesamt für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben), which you then pay back after the care period. This helps to compensate for the difference between your previous monthly salary and your income for reduced working hours during family care leave. The loan is paid out in monthly installments and later repaid in installments. All employees are entitled to apply for family care leave, including active civil servants and those on temporary leave from civil-servant status. The only exceptions are apprentices and employees on fixed-term employment contracts.

Appropriate application forms are available to our employees on the company's intranet at any time and can be called up online.

Following a leave of absence under the “Care Leave Act”, but also independently of a Care leave under the Care Leave Act, you can take a leave of absence in the form of "unpaid leave" for the care of close relatives, insofar as this does not conflict with company concerns. Telekom thus goes well beyond the six-month leave that is possible under the Care Leave Act.

Do you care for a relative as well as working? We understand that this takes a lot of your time and energy. awo lifebalance GmbH is on hand to provide a confidential, nationwide advise service for carers. Talk to their experts about the services available and the options for residential care. Alternatively, arrange a face-to-face consultation to discuss the most suitable solution for you and your particular situation. awo lifebalance GmbH is also your point of contact if you need help with the housework or garden. Deutsche Telekom will cover the cost of the consultation and placement, but the service itself is at the employee’s expense.

Visit the care portal of der awo lifebalance GmbH to find out more about care services and residential care options. Or arrange a face-to-face consultation to discuss the best solution for you and your particular situation. awo lifebalance GmbH also offers a range of care seminars on topics such as support for those caring for relatives with dementia; dealing confidently with a health care proxy; guardianships and living wills. Deutsche Telekom will cover the cost of the consultation and placement, but the service itself is at the employee’s expense.

Many colleagues have the same interests as you. Exchange ideas with them in one of our employee networks, make valuable contacts and share your knowledge and experience in order to develop new ideas across departments.
As diverse as our employees are, as diverse are the networks throughout the Group. For example, in addition to the networks for reconciling work and family life, there are several women's networks and a network for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual employees.

Want to keep in touch with the company while you are on parental leave? The “Stay in contacT” network can help you. The network, moderated by the HR unit, is aimed at all employees on maternity / parental leave.  It provides a platform for discussion with your co-workers on a range of topics, such as combining work and family, career paths, or your planned re-entry into work. “Stay in contacT” holds regular telephone conferences to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the company, Work&Life and diversity, plus event tips and individual consultation offers. Use this forum to stay in contact with the company, forge contacts, and share your experiences.

Careers with children: Innovative models for managers with families. This mentoring program is designed to support Deutsche Telekom's managers, management trainees and qualified experts as they return to work, and provide guidance on all aspects of parental leave. The program’s mission is to help staff avoid the career disruptions that can occur as a result of parental leave or reduced working hours. The mentor (a member of the management staff) supports and assists the mentee over a period of 20 to 22 months, both during and after the mentee's parental leave. The mentor advises the mentees, for example, on their conduct: How can I improve my demeanor in specific situations? What sorts of meetings should I be attending? The mentor also opens doors for the mentee by helping him/her to gain access to relevant new networks. In a range of overarching training events, mentees receive coaching on topics such as self-marketing, holistic leadership and (work-) time management. The mentors attend an introductory workshop on mentoring and on strategies for balancing work and family responsibilities. If they wish, they will also be invited to attend informal evenings and other types of events within the framework of the program. The program is also designed to promote relevant cultural change at Deutsche Telekom, with a view to helping managers combine work and family responsibilities more effectively. For this reason, the mentors, direct superiors and experts from other units are all closely involved with the program.

More and more fathers now play an equal role in raising their children, and the number of fathers on parental leave is rising. Topics such as how to be present for your own children as a parent while at the same time carving out a successful career are widely discussed. During the busy period of raising a family, the Väternetzwerk of employees encourages an exchange of experience between fathers, supports them with information and tips, and aims to raise awareness of family-friendliness within the company.

We stand by our social responsibility and also offer our employees our help outside work. Regardless of whether you are in need or just want to travel with your family, we are happy to support you with offers and services from our tried and tested company social services.

Our welfare service “Betreuungswerk” is there for you should you suffer a misfortune or find yourself in need. If a close relative passes away, in cases of severe illness, or if you find yourself in social hardship of some kind. Our welfare service offers different forms of support, someone to talk to, support when dealing with government bureaucracy, or financial assistance. These can be, for example, subsidies for job-related relocations. It can also cover part of your children's accommodation costs if you have to work shifts, or it can help you financially if your children are studying (study grant).

Want an inexpensive vacation? Within Germany? Or perhaps further afield? The charitable organization ErholungsWerk Post Postbank Telekom e.V. provides inexpensive vacations for current and former Deutsche Telekom employees. The current online catalog presents 18 Erholungswerk holiday resorts in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as other holidays, both local and long-haul. ErholungsWerk also offers subsidies for any children traveling with you.

Important: Book as early as possible to get the best deals. Register for the ErholungsWerk newsletter to receive all the top offers into your inbox as soon as they are released.

Sometimes good intentions fail because of money. Whether financial support is needed in an emergency situation or start-up financing is needed to implement a good idea, Deutsche Telekom helps its employees quickly, unbureaucratically and makes additional financial resources available.

Are you suffering financial hardship through no fault of your own? If you’re experiencing serious economic issues our social fund (German: Sozialfonds) can offer speedy help. Our financial support schemes also include, as an example, contributions towards recreational schemes for severely disabled children.

Important: Further information concerning the eligibility criteria can be found in the social funds handbook.

Our employees develop lots of ideas for how to best master the work and family balancing act. In the end, you are in the best position to know what options will work best for you when coordinating these two aspects of your life. That’s why we set up the Telekom “Family Fund” (German: Familienfonds) in 2006. This fund supports employee-initiated projects and local initiatives, at our different locations, which aim to improve the work/family management. The “Family Fund” acts as a source of start-up financing. Telekom aims to help getting these projects on their feet – long-term financing is unfortunately not possible. As an example, we support parent and child offices, childcare solutions, coaching for parents and also skills training for caregiving relatives, as people in different stages of life require different forms of support.

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