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Diana Schnetgöke


2020 Living Culture Day –Even stronger together

The 2020 Living Culture Day took place on September 24. This is the day on which we get together to celebrate and live out our corporate culture and Guiding Principles. This years motto was “Even stronger together”.

2020 – a demanding year in terms of culture: a new purpose, revised Guiding Principles, and many new perspectives on the topic of culture thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the course of this year we were confronted with many challenges. It also had the effect, however, that our corporate culture has become even stronger and we have come together more perhaps than ever before. As a group we're #EvenStrongerTogether.

Our Guiding Principles

Six graphic symbols represent the corporate values ​​of the Telekom.

Six symbols represent the corporate values ​​of the Telekom. © Deutsche Telekom AG

  • Delight our customers
  • Get things done
  • Act with respect and integrity
  • Team together – team apart
  • I am T – count on me
  • Stay curious and grow

Our six Guiding Principles are at the heart of our corporate culture. They form the basis for our daily interaction with one another and are the indicator of our culture. They bring new momentum with them and every one of us is taking part: we all shape our culture with the way we think and act – with our Guiding Principles as our set of values.


There were celebrations all across the Group 

True to the saying, “desperate times call for desperate measures,” this year’s Living Culture Day was mainly celebrated online. How did that look? Diverse and, of course, very magenta! The Living Culture Streaming Show – with musical accompaniment by the Living Culture Show Band – marked the day’s official launch. Birgit Bohle (Board Member for HR and
Legal Affairs, Labor Director) and many of our other colleagues provided great ideas on the topic of culture and used live feeds to show how the day was being celebrated in Germany and all over the world. There was also no shortage of fun and excitement since the show featured employees playing for donations as part of our charity fundraising campaign.

My social media review shows that magenta really is more than just a color: our colleagues were busy sharing on their social media pages!

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