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From CSP to TSC: A case study

Even strong and established brands sometimes need a refresh, especially when colleagues and customers are not clear on the brand's identity. In such cases, a rebranding process can be valuable to create a new identity that aligns better with the brand's goals and values. That's exactly what happened with Center Strategic Projects (CSP), which now operates under the name Telekom Strategy Consulting (TSC). However, the rebranding goes beyond just a new name; it reflects the team's vision and values. Why the team decided to rebrand, the challenges that were mastered, what successes were achieved, and all steps and measures that were involved - an exciting project at a glance.

Rebranding? Why?

Rebranding also has an emotional aspect. Although our team strongly identified with our "old" brand, there was often uncertainty outside the team about who we are, what we do, and the purpose of our department. Our two main characteristics - being part of Deutsche Telekom and our consulting expertise - weren't getting enough visibility. Several studies confirmed this: analyses of brand awareness and the SEO comparison with the competition clearly showed that "we have to do better here".

Rebranding is an exciting journey full of challenges, creativity, and growth. It's an opportunity to clarify our position in a dynamic process. For us, the rebranding was a significant step to sharpen our vision and ambitions. And the "packaging" has also been updated to the latest standards at TSC – now it clearly reflects what's inside!

The new identity reflects the team's vision and values: we actively shape the future of Deutsche Telekom through strategic and modern consulting. What sets us apart is the combination of benefits from an established DAX company and the mindset of an external consultancy. We not only drive the digitalization of the corporation but also prepare talents for future leadership roles.

 Slide explaining the 4 phases of TSC rebranding

The four phases of TSC Rebranding.

How did CSP become TSC?

The rebranding process takes time and is divided into four main phases:

Numerous workshops with the Leadership Team to define what is important to us and who we are. Leonie Broermann and David Escoz Barragan, those who were responsible for the rebranding, worked with a team to design everything from the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to the communications strategy.

The Global Brand Management team, led by Telekom's Chief Brand Officer Ulrich Klenke, was involved in naming and design. And last but not least: Our new name had to be integrated into organizational charts and templates.

Preparing for the big launch day was particularly exciting. The goal was to surprise everyone and present a comprehensive brand identity. We made sure we were "ready" for the annual kick-off. During the kick-off, not only the new brand was unveiled. In an extra session we adjusted our mail signatures, our voicemails and our social media profiles together. While all employees in Cologne participated in the launch, new logos were put up in the office. Our own stock photos were produced as well, and our employees now represent the face of the new brand.


Exemplary pictures from TSC Rebranding

The positive feedback was impressive. The new brand has been embraced naturally. Although certain established terms like "Center" for our office space, are difficult to remove from the consultants' vocabulary, causing some newcomers momentarily confusion 😉.