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Your Benefits at the Center Strategic Projects

In CSP you profit from numerous advantages.

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Individual Training

At CSP you will receive an individual training budget to develop yourself methodically, professionally and personally.

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Participative leadership

At the CSP, we place high value on involving all of our colleagues in the idea and decision-making process.

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Social events and offsites

We value our unique culture. Therefore, we organize regular team events to further strengthen team cohesion.

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One day for you

On "Center Fridays", we focus on individual training and further development of the center.

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Optimize travel time

Since the Group's Board of Management and central decision-makers are based in Bonn, 80% of our project work takes place in Bonn.

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Time off compensation

We offer the possibility of compensatory time off after intensive projects.

Center Strategic Projects

Develop yourself further with us and achieve your professional goals.

Challenging content

Highly interesting, complex, and strategically relevant transformation projects await you, which you will develop and implement for the top management of an internationally successful telecommunications group. We rely on flat hierarchies and make sure that you get the opportunity to take responsibility early on, steer your own projects or parts of them and present and discuss the results with the client. Every project is different. In addition to the various topics, you will get to know all segments and many countries of the Telekom Group.

Great team culture with 80/20 model

The basis of our success: our unique culture. What's behind it? Regular team events - sometimes in the direction of sports, sometimes in the direction of culture - that strengthen cohesion. But also, the tradition of our "Center Fridays": a day that plays a major, indispensable role in our self-image. It's a day that we keep as free as possible from traditional project work. To educate ourselves further - for example, at a colleague's lecture on agile working. To broaden our horizons - for example, in meetings with inspiring personalities such as our CEO Tim Höttges, who discusses global technology trends or internal challenges with us in an informal business lunch. And, of course, celebrating together. That's what we're known for, especially in the carnival-mad Rhineland.

Individual development path

Whether you are a graduate or have professional experience, we will show you a clear, comprehensible, and verifiable development path. One component of this is the Center Excellence Program (CEP), with the help of which we prepare you specifically for the tasks corresponding to your career level. In addition to important technical and methodological skills that are sharpened in everyday project work and special training sessions, the focus here is primarily on personal development. In summary, we will consistently develop you with regard to your individual profile in order to make you fit for a future management role in the Group. There is also plenty of scope to develop and advance your own topics and ideas. This means, for example, that you can get involved in the further development of our center in one of our operations.

Functioning work-life balance

Beyond the classic 9-to-5 scheme, we focus on a high degree of flexibility and family-friendliness. For consultants, this means that there are sometimes assignments abroad, of course, but generally the location is Bonn. At least 80 percent of the project work takes place here - quite simply because the Group's Board of Management and central decision-makers are based here. Our overall package allows for a good work-life balance, which we complement with the option to retreat to a home office if necessary.

Timotheus Höttges, Chairman of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG

Tim Höttges, CEO

"CSP is young. That's where the talent sits that can lead the company in the future. Those are the ones who can push us forward with their methods, with what they learn about the Group. Those are the ones who will hopefully take over the leadership of this company at some point."

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