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Take advantage of the endless opportunities at Telekom Strategy Consulting.

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Growth guaranteed

Take the next step – professionally and personally – and benefit from a steep learning curve. Every day, again and again.

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Shape digitalization

Your work will help to shape the leading digital telco – and thereby digitalization and the world.

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Best of both worlds

No need to choose – Combine the benefits of a DAX company with the learning curve of consulting.

Telekom Strategy Consulting

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With the customer from day 1 - exciting challenges with real impact

Take on exciting challenges with us: As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on diverse and strategically significant transformation projects with our top management. We foster a flat hierarchy where you will be empowered to take on responsibilities early on and lead your own projects, or parts of them. Every project is unique and gives you the chance to gain expertise in various topics, segments, and countries within the Telekom Group. Our projects combine the excitement and challenge of the consulting world with the real-world impact of an international DAX Company

4+1 working days – joint Friday as pillar for our culture 

The basis of our success: our unique culture. What's behind it? We prioritize building our team spirit, for example through regular team events. But we don’t stop there. Every Friday is dedicated to our "Center Friday" tradition – a day that plays a major, indispensable role in our self-image. It's a day where we take a break from traditional project work to continue learning and growing, whether through colleague lectures, or meetings with inspiring figures like our CEO Tim Höttges to discuss global trends and internal challenges with us over lunch. And of course, celebrating our successes together is also a big part of our culture – a true must-have in the carnival-capital Rhineland. 

Individual trainings budget – your personal development path 

Whether you're just starting out or already have professional experience, we'll provide you with a clear and comprehensive development path tailored to your needs. In addition to an individual training budget, our Center Excellence Program (CEP) is an integral part of this, preparing you specifically for tasks that align with your career level. Along with honing important technical and methodological skills through everyday project work and specialized training sessions, we will also focus on your personal development. We are committed to helping you reach your full potential and preparing you for a future management role in the Group. Additionally, you'll have the freedom to explore and advance your own interests and ideas, such as getting involved in the development of our center's operations. 

Compensation and flexibility – your personal work life balance 

We value a flexible working environment in order to meet the challenges of project work, but also to have enough freedom for personal development. In our junior career levels, we have overtime compensation after intense project phases. In addition, there are opportunities for sabbaticals or job visits. Although some of our projects involve travel, the majority of project work takes place in Bonn, where the Executive Board and the Group's central decision-makers are also based. As a result, you will find a comprehensive overall package that allows for a good work-life balance and the opportunity to work from home.

Timotheus Höttges, Chairman of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG

Tim Höttges, CEO

"Telekom Strategy Consulting is home to the young talents who will lead the company in the future. They are all highly motivated, hungry, innovative and strategically adept. This is how they drive the Group forward and shape the successful future of our company."

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In the video, we introduce you to selected topics and give you insights into our work. Comment: We recently realigned our brand and changed our name from Center Strategic Projects to Telekom Strategy Consulting. 

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