Cyber Security Professional Program

Your expertise is important to us.

We offer young talent a unique, nationwide, 2.5-year specialist qualification as a cyber security professional with IHK accreditation.

In cooperation wit the IHK Cologne and the higher education network Open C³S we train you up to become a genuine security expert. This way, you are optimally equipped to contribute to one of the most important future fields of the digitalized society. The prerequisite for the course is a recently completed IT-specific professional qualification or corresponding course of study.

Throughout the daily technical challenges and during the largely project-based work, you will gradually develop your skills further. Under supervision, you will take part in specialist and interdisciplinary modules at the cutting edge of research in traditional and blended learn formats. You will immediately discover the relevance of what you have learned through independent project assignments at the workplace. Specialist coaches and learning process supervisors will be on hand to support you in your very personal development. The dynamic curriculum can continuously react to changing market requirements in the area of IT security.

At the end of the professional training measures, you will receive your IHK certification as a cyber security professional.

All information for the Cyber Security Professional Program

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This is what you can expect as a participant in the professional training program:

  • Top-up qualification (tying into what was previously learned in your apprenticeship/studies)
  • Practical and demanding
  • Specialist input on an academic level
  • IHK certification
  • Curriculum is dynamically adjusted in accordance with the half-life of the knowledge
  • Put to use and implemented directly in the work area
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Requirements for participation in the program

Originally, the participants in the CSP program were exclusively young professionals from Telekom Security. In the meantime, young employees from other Telekom departments and employees of external customers have also begun to participate in the professional training. The general perquisites for participation are:

  • completed dual training and/or completed bachelor’s degree in an IT field and
  • employment in an IT security-related environment.
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Get fit for your professional future

The dynamic curriculum lasts 2.5 years. During this time you will receive technical and personal support from the specialist coaches and learning process supervisors. You will be given time to engage in special projects, such as the Telekom X-Change program, for example, or to shadow employees in other departments within the company. Through continuous reflection and feedback, your personal development remains in the foreground.

In addition, you will gain credit points which are creditable in specific study programs.

This is what awaits you during the program

The goal of the program is to train young IT talents into cyber security experts to counteract the deficit of personnel in IT security.
To this end, you will complete of 2.5 year curriculum of specialist and interdisciplinary modules. On average you will spend roughly 11 days a year in the classroom. Theory and practice are closely linked.

The special feature of the program: participants earn ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits from their integrated study modules during the program. In addition, the professional training offers participants the opportunity to personalize their learning through core electives and optional elements, such as the X-Change program (intercultural development) or job shadowing in other departments.

The challenges of IT security are specialized and dynamic. As such, the curriculum will be continuously amended and will thus react to a change in framework conditions. In this way, we ensure that you will always be given the most current information within the scope of your professional training.

The individual elements and modules are methodically and educationally coordinated with one another. 

Your contact

Do you have any questions about the cyber security professional training? I am happy to help.

Lisa Lübke, Program Manager

Lisa Lübke

Program Manager

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