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Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

My job: Guaranteeing economic growth for Germany

As a squad lead, Anne works together with her team to contribute to the fiber-optic network build-out in Germany. She is involved when it comes to working with partners to secure Germany as a place to do business in the future in the gigabit society. Find out here what drives her and why she is passionate about her job at Telekom Technik.

Anne, what exactly does your job look like? What are you responsible for?

Anne: Along with my team, I ensure that we can work together with municipal utilities, energy providers, or and other partners to build out the fiber-optic network and significantly expand our FTTH footprint as a result. 

As a project manager, I am responsible for the implementation of a specific partnership. Together with my colleagues in Telekom Technik’s FiberFactory, I ensure that the joint network concept with our partners works from a technical standpoint, that the processes and interfaces are conclusive. I’m planning the future rollout and piloting the build-out of an initial area, including process testing, which involves things such as carrying out a fault repair.

What is the one thing about your job that makes you passionate to get started each and every day?

Anne: The knowledge that what I do has a real purpose. And not just for myself – for all of society, for Germany. With the network build-out we’re making an essential contribution to our future sustainability as a place to do business. Fiber-optic is the basis for economic growth, medical care, educational opportunities, and social togetherness. My colleagues and I are working to ensure that the fiber-optic network can be built out in even more areas. In doing so, we’re developing ourselves further as a team and having fun while we’re at it – all that motivates me.