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Our Telekom location Frankfurt/Main

Our adress: Deutsche Telekom / T-Systems, Hahnstraße 43, 60528 Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt am Main is home to T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary serving the corporate sector with a global infrastructure of data centers and networks. This is where we focus on the issues crucial to shaping the future of digital: The Internet of Things, cybersecurity, the cloud, and many other innovative approaches.
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Working for Telekom in Frankfurt/Main: Your benefits

As an employee you enjoy many advantages

Our Frankfurt am Main employees enjoy many of the perks that we offer all our staff, no matter where they work. For instance, the staff benefits relating to Deutsche Telekom products, plus discounts on a number of products and services, including travel, fitness, and rental vehicles.

We also have a relocation service, which helps permanent Deutsche Telekom employees to search for a place to live when they move to a new town or city for work.

When you join Deutsche Telekom, you become part of a strong community. Our internal networks will make it easy for you to find people with similar interests, for example music or sport. Many of our employees even head to and from work together with the help of our internal commuter networks.

All benefits for employees you can find here.

Individual benefits for our Frankfurt/Main location

  • Our staff have the choice of six cafeterias
  • Parent and child offices enable you to bring your little ones to the office when you’re in a bind
  • Day care and kindergarten places for our employees’ children
  • All our sites in Frankfurt am Main boast excellent public transport connections and are easy to get to via bus or train
  • Rental bikes for short work trips are also available

Job offers in Frankfurt/Main

Are you looking for a new job challenge or an entry-level position? We have a lot of vacant job offers at our location in Frankfurt/Main. Apply now.

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