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Transparency is important for every development. That’s why sharing expertise is always part of our community. Here, our IT and tech experts show you how they have shaped their development. What incentive will you take from this?

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Mladen´s expert career within Cyber Security

Mladen turned his passion into an expert role thanks to his eagerness to learn.

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Synergies that work: Innovation and growth mindset

As a Product owner Veronika brings the world of developers and customers closer together.

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Experiment. Learn. Connect your strengths.

To find a job that connects your strength is a must for Petar. He tried out different job positions and each one taught him a lot. Now he...

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Let’s work on data-driven decision making

Maria helps customers to make wise decisions. She gathers data and transforms them into understandable reports. Data help her.

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Be brave & say yes to new topics

Monisha reveals her secret, which key questions lead to her personal success.

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The secret of my success, love what you do

Csaba reveals, which key factors are important for a successful career and for keeping a job exciting.

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Start small. Think big.

As a Test Manager Birgit learned to proceed step-by-step and avoid being overwhelmed by the size of a challenging project.


Changing perspectives through mentoring

Our UX designer Adrienn encourages all experts to follow their passion, stay curious and try new things without worrying about making...


Job shadowing as a facilitator for networking

Vincent appreciates the freedom to shape his own workspace and expand his own network through job shadowing.

Andrea´s tips for her expert career

Curiosity and openness are the way to the goal

The constant striving for further development and self-directed learning pushes Andrea forward in her career

Angel`s tips for your expert career

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution

Finding the right solution, maximizing synergies and balancing the work schedule. That's what drives Angel every day.

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Discover solutions by exchanging with experts

AI is fascinating, says Hamed, Telekom Data Scientist. He calls for a knowledge exchange we all can benefit from.

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