Livia Fekete

Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

Anything can be your canvas. Even a website.


Livia, how did you discover your passion for arts? 

I attended Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, so creativity has always had a place in my life, however, my paintings were created strictly for my classes and not for myself – I attended the design faculty, not fine arts. It all started when I bought a huge canvas with the plan to paint something to fill a big, empty wall in our apartment. I started browsing Pinterest and found the fluid painting technique, which I became incredibly passionate about immediately.

What was your most special moment as an artist so far?

I was very happy when I had my first exhibition in 2016 at D18 Café in Budapest. It was a very touching event for me to be able to show my paintings at a vernissage held in the town where I was born. However probably the most decisive experience for me is when I hold workshops for people who would like to paint. It is a fantastic feeling that I can share my knowledge, inspire others and they even enjoy the process.


Creativity and design are also part of your job, what inspires you most about your work?

As I work as a designer at Telekom and design user interfaces, I often need to rely on my knowledge of and experience with color harmonies and compositions. Also, both of my roles focus on making the client feel good about the final product, so I strive to achieve the same in both. It is a great feeling when my client is satisfied with one of my works, it always makes me happy. My work helps me pursue my hobby along specific plans and in a framework. I get the inspiration from one to pursue the other.