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Arlind´s Career tip: How to manage work and study

Arlind is a young Big Data enthusiast. Originally from Kosovo, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Greece and is continuing with his Masters in Data Science in Austria.  As a Systems Engineer, he has daily practical points of contact with the content of his Master Studies.

You are still a student, finishing your Data Science Masters degree, not an easy one, particularly with a job on top. Why did you choose to study while working?

Arlind: I was convinced that Telekom is the right place for me to grow  and become a better professional. Talking about working while still studying, I really appreciate the flexible working schedule . University assignments might be on a tight schedule and sometimes I need to study more than work. The freedom of choosing my working time is priceless. 

My current job as a Systems Engineer is like a jigsaw puzzle, where one places different components to create a beautiful picture. In Systems Engineering, you have a lot of pieces, each one has a specific place, and my aim is to put them together to create a software product people can benefit from. Understanding the pain points of our clients and coming up with solutions that make their lives easier, is something that I find particularly fulfilling

How has the company supported you in your growth so far?

Arlind: The support for career growth has been massive. First and foremost, we have the possibility to invest some of our working hours in learning. The company offers numerous training courses  for all employees with a wide range of topics. For example, I am now working on my AZURE certification.

Additionally, the company makes sure that the project and the people working on it are a good fit. During my personal review meetings, I discuss my progress, my interests and possible future steps with my team lead. I really appreciate having a person I can rely on, who is there for me, suggesting new opportunities and projects to help me find the best path for my career.

Young man in front of an illustration

What is your best advice for learning and personal development?

Arlind: Create a habit of learning. Create a schedule and make sure to allow yourself enough time for your personal growth. Also, from personal experience, I think it always helps to make the learning process fun and entertaining, although I must admit that that is easier said than done. I got inspired by a book “Atomic habits ”. After you accomplish your goal, reward yourself with something you really like. That creates the habit of growing and it is enjoyable every time you do it.