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Career & current jobs at Deutsche Telekom

Petar´s career tip: Be bold and choose the tasks you want

Petar joined Telekom 20 years ago, tried out different jobs, gained numerous skills and now supports his colleagues with the knowledge and expertise he acquired. You can count on him to do the job right. As an IT Solution Architect in Macedonia, Petar is currently developing telecommunication products. His aim is to offer more flexible end-user products by integrating different systems in the network. 

You are a senior level expert other professionals can look up to. How did you grow into your current position?

Petar: Because I joined the company at the beginning of the millennium, before the spread of social media and before some of the colleagues started primary school (smile). I started as an engineer and have been working in different fields since, from engineering through project management to my current position as solution architect. As a project manager I got more familiar with processes, as engineer I deepened my knowledge and as a solution designer, I broadened it. With a cocktail like that, I am a good asset in meetings or problem-solving sessions.

Would you decide for the same career path if you had a chance again? 

Petar: Absolutely, no doubt about it. You should always find a task where you can combine your strengths. Learning things in a new role made me capable to step to another one later and use my experience there. At the same time, don’t forget to be honest about your capabilities and require honesty from others as well. Open communication mostly leads to better solutions. 

Looking at your job experience, what do you think it takes to be a successful IT Architect?

Petar: First of all, as an IT architect you need to understand the motive behind the task: what the client or company wants to achieve. When speaking about the solution’s actual design, understanding the systems involved and how they interact gives the architect the ability to choose the best solution.

Also, to be good at the job, you need to continuously learn within your field of expertise, stay curious and help others with their challenges. They will then help you with yours. It’s a win-win situation, you gain knowledge by learning something new and at the same time, you make a new friend (smile). 

Young man in front of an illustration

Is there any advice that you would like to give to young talents?

Petar: Make the most of the knowledge available to you. Experiment if possible. The web is a treasure chest. When hearing about a task you are interested in, speak up, say which job you want. It will bring you closer to your aim, take small steps and steer it the way you want.  

Most importantly, surround yourself with good people. Throughout the years there were several urgent and stressful situations, but it was always because of the nature of the tools and business, not because of people. My coworkers always assist to de-escalate the situation. That’s also the reason I am somebody you can count on (smile).