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Learning from experts: Changing perspectives through mentoring

Meet Adrienn. As an UX Designer she believes in stepping up and taking initiative, but she is also a true team player. Currently she is working on a video platform for sharing user generated content. Together with her teammates she is responsible for scoping all process flows and designing a user-friendly platform with a cool and fresh look. Exchanging with other people is her energizer and helps her boost her expert career. 

What do you love about your work as UX designer?

Adrienn: Getting to know and working together with passionate, open-minded people is very inspiring. Customer centricity is what drives me. At the end of the day, it’s all about user satisfaction. We achieve this by providing custom-tailored solutions and an open dialogue. We have built up a trusted environment with our customers and we can openly share opinions and ideas within our meetings. This whole setup is very effective and super energizing as well. 

What are your tips to develop and grow?

Adrienn: Find yourself a mentor. Getting feedback from a trusted person can really support your personal development.

Some of my contacts (managers) became my mentors. It really helps to see yourself or the challenges you are facing through another person’s perspective. Mentoring is not about being told what to do or which decision to take. Good mentors lead you to the solution by asking relevant questions which often trigger new ideas and thoughts.

Continuous learning is also part of the game. I take every opportunity to attend suitable training courses. At Telekom we have a wide spectrum of trainings to choose from. The goal is not to acquire one new skill after the other, it’s rather about picking the trainings that help you reach your individual career goals on the long run. 

What advice would you give to other experts who want to enhance their career?

Adrienn: Believe in your network. I massively do, I talk to passionate people from diverse backgrounds, with extensive knowledge and experiences. I would encourage people to be bold enough to contact others, to step out of the comfort zone and go beyond their boundaries. Follow your passion. Stay curious and have the courage to challenge yourself by trying out new things. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your career is in your hands. Don’t wait for others to tell you what to do, take your own initiative! Sometimes it is ok to be a bit rebellious… 😊