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Learning from experts: Self-Knowledge will make you reach your goal

Meet Andrea. She knows exactly what she wants to achieve and how to get there. Never-stop-learning attitude is part of her DNA and motivates her to keep going. Be inspired by our senior project manager to think about your own learning or career path as well.

What do you love most about your job?

Andrea: I love the IT environment. I am an economist and I also have wide insights into technical topics. This mix is perfect for me. When I started working at Deutsche Telekom, I had a goal in mind. I wanted to become a technical professional leader or Service delivery unit leader. 
Right now I’m working as a Senior Project Manager. I am very happy with my job, and I am glad that I chose this path. In my current project, we are developing an application for the police and security services that enables them to respond more quickly to suicide attempts. Could anything be more useful? I don’t think so! 

What are your tips & tricks for other professionals to develop and grow?

Andrea: Never stop learning. I started a lot of trainings during my studies and since then I’ve continued my education. In total I have completed more than 80 training courses, a lot of those trainings are offered by Telekom such as ITIL or SAFe which are IT-specific courses. When recalling the ones I liked best, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Oracle Certified Associate or Java SE 7 Programmer come to mind directly. Looking at my career goals I also benefited from the LeaderSHIFT Training for Professional Leaders. A good mix of everything I am interested in. 

I am truly convinced the best way to personal and professional development is to figure out how you learn best and then write it down. Answer a simple question – how can I improve myself most efficiently? If you have no answer to that, take a learning type test. Me and my colleagues had the possibility to take this test internally and then schedule free courses that fit best to our needs.

How do you reach your goals?

Andrea: Choosing the right goals for you is very important. Choose a position in the field you want to be in. You have to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to take challenges which were not on our roadmap initially. Over the past few years, I have dived into more technical subjects. There are many interfaces connected to my current project, the system is very complex and has a high level of security. I got familiar with the agile way of working as well. In my opinion working in a self-steered way as a team is the highest level in agile environment and I’m very proud that it works for me and my team. They react immediately to all requests without my involvement and what is very important to me, the customer is always at the center of our actions and is in the first place.

Let’s stay curious, venture into unknown and always go through everyday working life with open eyes. There is always something new to learn and new topics to explore.