Coronavirus: We take care

Applying and working during Corona pandemic

With digitalization and flexibility, anything goes. Read more about the key issues below.

We’re hiring – and we’re on hand to assist applicants

Our recruiting team adapted very rapidly to the new conditions.
The entire application process has been digitalized to eliminate potential health risks for all applicants, employees and external providers. Our employees can work from home autonomously regardless of location, and this also benefits applicants. Our digital solutions ensure a swift, smooth-running recruiting and selection process.

Current application

We recruit digitally

Specifically, this means:

  • Applicant interviews are conducted by telephone or video conference, making allowance for the candidate’s requests and time preferences wherever possible.
  • Selection procedures such as assessment centers are also conducted online.

The employees we are recruiting now will help us to fulfill our purpose:  WE WON’T STOP UNTIL EVERYONE IS CONNECTED. As a leading European telecommunications provider, it is more vital than ever for us to work together and contribute to society.

How work is changing in the time of coronavirus

Mobile working was already being used successfully across the Group even prior to the coronavirus crisis. All Deutsche Telekom buildings were closed for the duration of the lockdown, which meant that our 16,000-strong service team had to start working from home.

For many, this has led to the emergence of a new virtual work environment, offering a wealth of technical opportunities, expertise and flexibility. Special training courses are provided to help employees navigate their way through the options. This includes training in the use of virtual collaboration tools and long-distance leadership.

As the lockdown regulations are relaxed, Deutsche Telekom’s buildings are gradually reopening. A special hygiene regime and codes of conduct are in place to help our employees feel safe and enjoy their new freedoms in the workplace responsibly.

Returning to work also means reconnecting with colleagues over a (socially distanced) coffee or lunch in the canteen.

We do everything we can to help our employees feel comfortable and work efficiently, and give them access to the best equipment available.

Our vision of the future work environment

This crisis has created an opportunity. We have already set out clear guidelines to pave the way for a new, modern work environment. 

  • Mobile working and physical attendance: Our work dictates where and how we get the best results, creative brainstorming or focused concentration 
  • Offices will become meeting places: We are scaling back the number of traditional office workstations and expanding our project and creative spaces.
  • Digital tools: Collaboration tools like Webex, Microsoft 365 and Team are our constant companions. We will also be investing in a range of specialist tools, such as agile working solutions.
  • Less traveling: Our digital tools allow us to collaborate efficiently. We will save on traveling time while also contributing to sustainability.
  • Change of management style: Our leadership philosophy is based on trust and transparency, in which target agreements and feedback culture play a vital role. We accept the challenge of virtual leadership.

Responsible employer

Good communication is a vital management task during the coronavirus pandemic. Birgit Bohle, Board member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, has kept in regular touch with employees since March to inform them about key changes over this period.

Helping hands.

This included communicating the recommendations for employees returning from vacations abroad, regulations governing business trips, and a code of conduct for meetings. The return to the office is linked to stringent hygiene measures and the observance of social distancing. Those in special risk groups are catered for, and individual arrangements can be made, for example, with parents who are still looking after their children.
Deutsche Telekom’s Group Situation Center is in constant contact with the Robert Koch Institute and other crisis teams, so we are always up-to-date and able to respond quickly, efficiently, appropriately and flexibly to any changes as they arise.

Do you have any further questions?

For some frequently asked questions, you will find answers directly here. If you still have open questions, please do not hesitate to contact our contact persons.

Yes, we are still hiring interns.

At any time, because our trainee program starts every three months, so you can get started flexibly.

What the exact onboarding process looks like is planned and decided in individual cases. Please contact your direct supervisor in advance. Together you will find a solution. In addition, we are currently working on solutions so that we can greet our employees through virtual onboarding in order to provide them with initial information.

In principle, our application process remains the same. The only difference is that we switched to digital recruiting. This means that conversations that would have taken place personally are now conducted via conference calls.

Yes, you can have a job alert sent to your e-mail address on a regular basis.

In this case, please contact your responsible supervisor directly.

We have canceled most of our events due to the current situation or have postponed them indefinitely. However, we are currently working on solutions for how we can implement digital events. We keep you up to date on our social media channels.

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