Getting started

Getting started: Always in pole position

We'll help you get the right start, no matter at which stage of life you are. Our school student internship is aimed at getting the younger talents out there enthusiastic about our industry. We engage in long-term networking with university students – a career start with us will be highly appreciated. Of course, we are also extremely interested in experienced professionals. Where do you currently find yourself on the ladder of life? Choose your very own "launching pad."

Woman in a lecture

Dual course of study

Work or study? We allow you to combine the two – through a dual course of Master study. You can choose from three courses.


Student internship

Where theory is put into practice. As an intern, you will gain insight into our business.



Are you struggling to squeeze in an internship alongside your studies? We have a solution: a so-called "Flexikum" (flexible internship).

Bachelor's and master's thesis

Bachelor’s/master’s thesis

Do you want to give your thesis a specific purpose? Write it at Telekom.

Start up!

Trainee program

Our training ground for strategic thinkers and mavericks. You will be able to apply yourself to projects in various business areas.

Direct entry for graduates

Direct entry

Do you want to kickstart your career straight after finishing your degree? Use our direct entry to develop into a sought-after expert.

Full-time doctoral studies

Full-time doctorate

Your doctorate doesn't have to be only theoretical.

Jobs and career for professionals

Qualified professionals and managers

Shape the digital future with us as an expert or manager.

Opportunities for development

Whatever entry your choose – we offer plenty of opportunities for development. You never stop learning at Telekom. The support of our company will help you catch up with your studies or even start a postgraduate course if you wish. And we will set you up for a specialist or management career.

Required skills and qualifications:
Ideas. Courage. And commitment. We are looking for people who want to make a difference. So we can support the developments in our industry. And remain one step ahead. Do you like getting things done? Like new and big ideas? Do you see things from a different angle? Great! Then you are a good match for our team.