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Our benefits are well worth having

Money might not bring happiness, but it does make life easier. Because we want you to be able to focus fully on the tasks at hand, we support you with an attractive salary and numerous benefits.

1. Pension scheme

Telekom places great importance on pensions. In addition to the company pension, paid into a personal pension account by the employer in line with your age and salary, you can also transfer part of your gross earnings directly into a savings account.

2. Capital accumulation benefits

Are you saving for the future with a building loan agreement or Riester pensison? Telekom helps you do so and pays capital accumulation benefits directly into your state-assisted savings account.

3. Sick pay

Are you ill and taking some time to recover? Don't worry: as a Telekom employee, you will continue receiving full pay for up to six weeks. We won't let you down if you suffer a long-term illness, either, and will pay suitable sick pay.

4. Employee offers from staff sales

Buy Telekom products and services at discounted prices: employees receive a discount on all fixed line, Internet, mobile and TV products and their friends can also benefit from a range of special offers.

5. Jobticket travel pass

Get your working day off to a relaxed start and avoid stressful rush-hour traffic: the Jobticket is a low-cost and environmentally-friendly way to get to the office.

6. Equal Pay

Talent has no gender, which is why at Telekom, women are paid as much as men for the same job. Our successful participation in the Logib-D consultancy service and the salary check show that independent institutions appreciate the example that Telekom is setting in this field.

Because money can't get you everything, we offer a number of benefits to make life easier.

1. Special leave

Are you expecting a baby, getting married or moving into a new home? Take up to two days off for special occasions.

2. Health promotion

The health of our employees is important to us. That's why we offer free health check-ups and regular preventative care examinations.

3. Social support

If you find yourself in difficult circumstances due to serious illness or as the result of a disaster, Telekom Welfare Service is there to assist you.

4. Family/children's vacations

Relax with the whole family without paying an arm and a leg: the recreation scheme offers holidays at their holiday resorts in Germany and the Netherlands. If you prefer more exotic climes, there are also up to 400 holiday locations worldwide.

5. Study grants for children

Your children's education is important. To ensure that every child has the chance to achieve a university degree, Telekom offers support under certain conditions through the Telekom, Post and Postbank welfare foundation.

6. Low-price rental vehicles

Does your car need to go in for service? Or are you going on holiday and packing the kitchen sink, but don't have your own car? The Fleet Services allow you to rent a vehicle for private use at low rates.

7. Special hotel rates

A bed for the night at low cost - at Telekom's own conference hotels throughout Germany, as well as other hotels offering special conditions, even if the trip is not business-related.

8. Apartment service

Are you starting your career, or changing job and looking for suitable place to live close by? Telekom will help you find an apartment.

9. Removal services

If, when joining the company or as a result of a job transfer requested by the employer, you incur additional costs for removal services, these will be covered under certain conditions by Telekom.

10. Training and education

Lifelong learning is an essential at Telekom. That's why the company offers a large range of further training opportunities - from seminars to part-time degree courses.

You can further benefit from individual location-specific offers and support services.

1. Food

You've got a packed schedule and don't have enough time to go out for lunch - but still don't want to miss out on a proper meal? Many locations have a canteen, where you can choose from a wide selection of hot and cold dishes just a short walk from your desk.

2. Services

Hometime at last. To allow you to really enjoy your free time, you can take care of all those annoying little errands quickly and simple on-site. At some locations, cash dispensers, parcel stations and dry cleaners are available to make your day easier.

3. Sport

Regular sport is good for body and mind. To allow you to take time for your physical fitness, in addition to an on-site gym in Bonn, we also offer discounted rates at external fitness centers. Those who aren't really into sweating it out on the treadmill can simply join one of the many employee sports groups.

4. Childcare

Balancing work and family is a high priority for us. Company childcare allows you to work flexibly and stress-free. At selected locations (currently Munich, Bonn, Leinfelden-Echterdingen), there is also the option of parent-and-child offices, where you can work undisturbed whilst being there for your child at the same time.