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Embarking on a career in management

Embarking on a career in management

Do you lead the way and have the courage to break new ground? Are you a visionary, do you shoulder responsibility, and can you win over others with your personality? Then come and support us as a manager and help us to shape the digital world of tomorrow and bring people closer together.

Development opportunities for managers

We provide key players with personal and professional development opportunities and specifically target the individual strengths of each employee, regardless of whether you want to make the first step towards management or see progression in your executive role.

Deutsche Telekom has three principles that offer managers guidance so that we can all succeed together:

  1. Collaborate
    We can achieve more together. Giving and requesting feedback helps us all to improve, as exchange is one of our biggest keys to success.
  2. Innovate
    Innovation is our tradition. Only those who have the courage to constantly challenge the status quo and break new ground will achieve extraordinary results.
  3. Empower to perform
    We support every one of our employees so that we can be stronger as a community. To do this, we give our teams responsibility and promote their appetite for risk-taking.

Are you motivated and talented? Do you set the bar high? We are offering top-performing junior employees the chance to shoulder more responsibility and train to be a manager. You can choose between a variety of learning modules that you can tailor to your choice of future job and thus forge your very own path for development. In so doing, you will benefit from consultations with experienced managers, make valuable contacts with others on your course, and expand your professional network. This is an ideal way to prepare you for your first managerial job.

Workplaces are changing: Digitalization and mobile work are just two of the many buzzwords floating around today. Changes are of course being made in management too, and managers need to face up to this revolution. Alongside our training catalog with how-to guides on numerous management tools and techniques, we have our very own leadership app for you to use. From training videos to documentation right through to studies and articles on topics such as staff retention, you will find a broad range of content here, which you can use to progress with your training at your own pace.

Job opportunities in your area

Explore our job opportunities at one of the main sites indicated on the map. You can also search our job board for vacancies in Germany.


News for managers

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