Board of Management committees

Board of Management committees

The Board of Management has set up two standing committees to perform its tasks more effectively:

Assets Committee

This committee advises the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG on matters concerning the economically and strategically optimum allocation of resources, on investment projects, and on measures with key economic significance.

Mergers and Acquisitions Committee (M&A-Committee)

This committee takes decisions on the implementation of certain M&A transactions that are below defined value thresholds and monitors integration after the completion of transactions.


Assets Committee

Member of the Board of Management, Finance (committee chair)

Member of the Board of Management, Technology & Innovation

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Information Officer

Senior Vice President, Group Controlling

Senior Vice President, Group Strategy

Senior Vice President, Group Procurement

Financial Directors of the segments Germany, EU and GHS-TI

Chief Technology Officer, Germany

Senior Vice President, Consumers, Germany

Senior Vice President, Technology (NT/IT), EU

Senior Vice President, Commercial Europe 

Mergers and Acquisitions Committee (M&A-Committee)

Chairman of the Board of Management (committee chair)

Board member for Finance

Board member for Human Resources

Head of Group Development

Head of Group Strategy & Transformation