Compliance with rules of behavior

Deutsche Telekom expects its Board of Management members, managing directors, executives and employees to behave in line with the Code of Conduct.

Dorota Buczynski, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

„I am convinced of my actions, of the Telekom and like to stand with my face and commitment to important topics.”
Dorota Buczynski, Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH

Any breaches of these rules, legal obligations, or of internal policies and regulations may have serious consequences not only for the individuals committing them, but also for Deutsche Telekom. Therefore, deliberate misconduct will not be tolerated.

Without any exception, Deutsche Telekom will severely sanction any such misconduct or violation against legal provisions. In doing so Deutsche Telekom will take no account of the employee’s rank or position within the company.

Deutsche Telekom creates a climate and atmosphere free of any fear of negative consequences to encourage employees to communicate violations and misconduct, if necessary.

Levant Dogan, T-Systems International GmbH

Questions, notes and further information

The direct superiors are the first port of call for any questions regarding the application of the Code of Conduct in employees' everyday work.