Deutsche Telekom is number one in the battle against corruption

Deutsche Telekom is the most transparent global telecommunications company, according to the results of a study by the anti-corruption organization Transparency International.

Among today's global telecommunications companies, Deutsche Telekom is number one in the battle against corruption. In second place is Telenor, followed by Vodafone. This is the result of the latest study by Transparency International. The anti-corruption organization has published its transparency rating list of the world's 35 largest telecommunications companies. The study was based on publicly available information on company anti-corruption programs, economic ties and country-by-country reporting of financial expenditures and revenues. According to Transparency International, Deutsche Telekom publishes "relevant information on preventative measures in the company and on subsidiaries and holding companies, along with important financial data, such as payments abroad and tax payments in specific countries."

Further results: Although many companies have anti-corruption programs, only 15 of the 35 companies in the study make it clear that they also adequately and regularly monitor their programs. Top managers demonstrate their support for anti-corruption, says Transparency International, but only half of the companies surveyed indicated that their anti-corruption policies and ethics also apply to their own management.“It is very important for us that Deutsche Telekom discloses what it is doing to combat corruption, both externally and internally," says Chief Compliance Officer Manuela Mackert. "So I'm delighted with our top ranking, which acknowledges our commitment."

With the result, Deutsche Telekom is continuing its series of excellent Transparency International rankings in 2014. In a ranking of the world's largest companies across sectors Deutsche Telekom was listed as the best German company (total rank 7). In the same year our subsidiaries OTE and Magyar Telecom reached rank number one as the best national companies in a cross-industry comparison by Transparency International in Greece and Hungary.