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Beware of treacherous short messages

Beware of treacherous short messages

Fraudulent texts often look as if they have come from a well-known company. How to stay safe from scammers’ tricks.


Detect and banish viruses, Trojans, and malware

Something is wrong with the computer. How to handle a possible attack and minimize data loss with cool deliberation.


What you need to know about phishing

Phishing emails look deceptively genuine. How to know when someone is faking their identity.


Caller ID spoofing – when callers use a bogus number

This scam involves callers who say they are with the police or work for a bank. Protect yourself from criminals using common sense.


Identity theft on the Internet – how to act correctly

If someone uses your personal data on the Internet, it can be expensive. Read our tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft and how those affected can react appropriately.


How to handle email securely

If an infected email is simply deleted, nothing can happen. More caution will keep you immune to Trojans and viruses.