Communicating and surfing

Communicating and surfing

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How to handle email securely

If an infected email is simply deleted, nothing can happen. More caution will keep you immune to Trojans and viruses.


How to encrypt emails

Email is part of everyday life, whether for work or personal purposes. Protect your electronic mail effectively.


Prevent data loss.

How to tell if you are browsing with a secure connection

Whether you are banking or shopping online, bear these tips in mind so that confidential information stays confidential.

More cyber security – step by step.

Protect your privacy online

Why do advertising banners usually show exactly the products that you have previously viewed on the web? The answer is tracking. Tracking systems log every step you take on the Web. If you don't want to become transparent, you should optimize your privacy and security settings in the menu.

Social media

Mother takes a picture of her child with her cell phone.

Be careful when sharing children's photos

When parents share photos of their children online, it is referred to as "sharenting." Parents should proceed with caution when doing so.

Sicherer kommunizieren mit WhatsApp-en

Communicate more securely with WhatsApp and others

Messaging services have almost completely overtaken texting. A few ground rules for security while communicating with a messenger.

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Protection for VoIP calling

Voice over IP systems could also be described as computers with special purposes, and they need to be protected from attackers.

Besser mit Desktop-Sharing und Videokonferenzen arbeiten-en

Do better work with desktop sharing and videoconferencing

Desktop sharing lets you save lots of time on business communication, especially when the parties are in different locations.


More protection for children

Digital media exert a tremendous fascination on children and young people. Protect your offspring from dangers by setting up parental controls and teaching media literacy.


Fight cyberbullying and insults

No one is without their rights on the internet. This article tells you what cyberbullying is, what you can do about it, and how you can best prevent it.

Illustration: App-Berechtigung

Strip those snoopy apps of their rights

Not every app needs access to photos or contacts. How to ensure minimal access to your personal data.

How to Plan Your Digital Legacy

How to Plan Your Digital Legacy

How can you decide what will happen to your data well in advance, so that digital memories will not fall into the wrong hands?