Pay attention when you downloadsoftware

The internet represents a fascinating world full of useful programs and thrilling games that can be downloaded onto your computer – often even free of charge. Unfortunately, sometimes the downloads are infected with computer malware, such as viruses or trojans that make computers less secure.

Follow these tips for more security

  • Only download programs and files from legitimate sources. It is best to stick with sites that are well-known online, such as major publishers or specialized magazines, because you cannot always tell at first glance whether the provider is legitimate.
  • Mobile phones: It is better to install only software from the official app stores of your smartphone’s operating system, i.e. Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The providers check the software before making it available in their stores.
  • If you are unsure, don't download it. This also applies to programs that an acquaintance apparently emailed to you or linked you to in a Messenger message.
  • Keep your virus scanner up to date and set it so that it scans new programs during installation. 
  • Do not click carelessly through the dialog boxes as you install it. Read the instructions in the installation program carefully. Above all, be alert if the program wants to install additional components. 
  • If the program asks you to disclose data such as your current location, or requests access to other applications, find out why this information is necessary on the developer’s website.

TipsThe security packages (German only) from Deutsche Telekom will help you play it safe, since they include a current virus scanner.

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