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Lines intercepted

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Direct access by state authority

Data traffic records

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

Subscriber master data

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

IP-address owner data

Disclosure unlawful

Disclosure unlawful

An official nationwide report is not available.

How to interpret the figures?

  • All communication operator activities regarding Lawful Interception and Data Provisioning must be treated as confidential, therefore disclosing statistical data by Telekom Romania is unlawful.
  • In addition to the above mentioned, telecommunications operators are not operationally involved in Lawful Interception activities so that Telekom Romania has no access to data regarding Lawful Interception.
  • Unfortunately the result of a request to obtain an official authorization to publish statistical data was negative.

Legal basis for Lawful Interception activities and Data Provisioning

  • Law 14/1992 regarding the organization of the Romanian intelligence Agency (i.e., Serviciul Roman de Informatii – SRI)
  • Law 51/1991 regarding National Security
  • Decision 338/2010 of the President of ANCOM (i.e., Romanian regulatory body)
  • Law 508/2004 regarding the organization of DIICOT (department under the Public Ministry in charge with investigating the cases of organized crime and terrorism)
  • Penal Procedural Code
  • Law 235/2015 modifying The Law 506/2004 regarding the processing of the personal data and the protection of private life in the field of electronic communication.

Competent Authorities

  • Police Authorities, Prosecutor's office, Intelligence Agencies, Law court office, Fiscal authorities
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Transparency Report

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