“Fort Knox for data” impresses German Chancellor

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Deutsche Telekom stand and learned about the expansion of the data center in Biere

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the Deutsche Telekom stand and learned about the expansion of the data center in Biere from Tim Höttges.

Timotheus Höttges presented the expansion of the data center in Biere (Saxony-Anhalt) to German Chancellor Angela Merkel at CeBIT. “We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk – and we’ve fulfilled our customers’ wish for a Deutsche Telekom cloud,” the Group’s CEO explained.

Deutsche Telekom had the honor of welcoming some eminent visitors to its stand at CeBIT: As part of their trade fair tour, Angela Merkel and Swiss Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann made a stopover at the Bonn-based company’s stand. Timotheus Höttges presented the data center in Biere, Germany – also referred to as the German “Fort Knox for data” – to the German Chancellor and the Swiss Commerce Minister. “We talked about the German cloud for the first time five years ago – but we don’t just talk, we act. In 2014, we opened our ‘Fort Knox for data’ in Biere and invested about 150 million euros,” said the Deutsche Telekom CEO.

Höttges announces expansion

In response to strong demand for data centers and cloud capacity for data storage in line with European data privacy regulations, the Group is now significantly expanding this facility. There are currently a total 22,000 square meters available for hardware, air conditioning, the power supply and IT in Biere. This is a surface area equivalent to that of more than three soccer fields. Another 4.5 soccer fields are due to be added by 2018.

“In keeping with German data privacy regulations”

“Our data center is especially popular with American companies, among others, because of our high security standards. Microsoft, Salesforce and Cisco, to name just a few, have already ‘moved in’ to the facility in Biere,” said Höttges. “We also make sure that companies are able to process the data they collect in Germany in keeping with German data privacy regulations.”

A question of price

The Chancellor was impressed and even asked further questions such as, “How much do customers have to pay?” Höttges explained that, “We work with a variable model. The Open Telekom Cloud allows our customers to book the IT service they need at any time.” Angela Merkel then concluded her flying visit to the stand with words of encouragement: “I wish you great success in this endeavor,” she said.