“We are part of the Architecture for a Digital Future”

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The Shareholders’ Meeting in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne came to an end after approximately eight hours. The shareholders accepted all motions put forth by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board.

The approved points include one to pay out a dividend of 50 eurocents per share for the year 2014.

In his speech at the beginning of the meeting, Timotheus Höttges looked back and ahead. “2014 was a good year for DT. And it was a good year for the T-Share,” emphasized the DT CEO. The Group is growing again and has set itself further growth targets year for year up to 2018.

Partner and companion for people
The topic of digitization was a central focal point of Höttges’ speech. “All good things must be followed by even better ones,” he said. “Digitization is the greatest opportunity for the prosperity of the coming generation. We want to exploit it and overcome existing anxieties.“ DT sees itself as “a trusted partner and companion for people in the digital world. As a campaigner for a strong, independent center of business in Europe. As a frontrunner in security on the Net. And as a successful business enterprise that creates value for its customers, workforce, and owners.”

Leading European telecommunications provider
The Group is accompanying entire sectors and industries in the transition to connected work, production, and sales. The Deutsche Telekom CEO said that networks with ever higher speed and ever higher performance provide the basis for digitization and the business success that this engenders. He noted that the Group annually invests billions in building out the network and thus pursues its vision of becoming the leading European telecommunications provider. "A large proportion of our investments totaling almost EUR 10 billion goes into networks. We are part of the Architecture for a Digital Future which we actively help craft – for us and for others."

Shareholders will also benefit from growth at DT
Shareholder representatives also reacted positively to the direction that DT is going in. “Mr. Höttges, what you presented here was great,” said Thomas Hechtfischer, Managing Director of DSW, a Germany-based association for private investors.

Höttges had already announced that shareholders will also benefit from growth at DT into the future. “We plan to pay out a dividend of at least 50 eurocents per share for each of the financial years 2015 to 2018. And probably even more.”