2024 Needs More Light

Hate on the web darkens the very place that should shine with diversity, community, and openness. It not only destroys the possibility for free exchange of opinions, but also very tangibly affects the lives of those concerned. However, there are ways to change this. In dark times, more light helps.

The last few years have not only tested our democratic value system, but also how we interact with each other. On the web and in society as a whole.


Some individuals use the digital space to spread hatred, intimidate and belittle others. Those affected are often denied the right to represent their culture, their values, their beliefs, their sexual orientation, or their opinion.

Times have become dark, at least it feels that way. But what we need right now is the exact opposite.

For each other rather than against each other. Community instead of division. Light instead of darkness.

And everyone can do something about it and take a stance.

By not looking away, not clicking further, when those affected by hate comments need our help. By also paying attention to our own tone when we encounter other people online.

By showing solidarity with each other and not turning on each other.

If we stand together as a community, the internet can become a bit safer, more confident and brighter with every comment.

Telekom is committed to an open-minded and accessible network where there is a diversity of opinions and different perspectives are given space. For a network without hate, where all people interact with each other respectfully.

In order to ensure that no one is left alone with hate on the internet, we work with numerous partners who offer concrete help, provide further education through training, and provide immediate support in urgent cases.

#TAKEPART in fighting for a network without hate

No Hate Speech

Words must not become a weapon. Deutsche Telekom is fighting for a network without hate in which we treat one another respectfully.