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A nurse who digitizes clinics

Kate Berghaus is a multi-talented person. She is a trained nurse, speaks fluent English, German and Italian, studied business administration and worked in the hospital IT service. Berghaus advises German hospital customers for Telekom. With success.

Kate Berghaus

Trilingual nurse, business economist, IT and digitalization expert: multi-talented Kate Berghaus. © Deutsche Telekom/Photographer Marc-Steffen Unger

When Kate Berghaus comes into the office in the morning, she exudes good vibes. Colleagues describe her as open, always in a good mood and extremely competent. The same applies to the managers of Telekom Healthcare Solutions and their hospital customers. But what is her recipe for success? “Kate knows the requirements and needs of the medical profession, nursing staff and IT professionals inside out. And not only that: she advises customers proactively and precisely,” explains her boss Dirk Hoffmann, Head of Product Management.

Christopher Schütz, Helios IT Service GmbH, confirms this: “Kate knows exactly what we want and what we need. You can really tell that she has actively worked in hospitals which is so important for the development of products such as the digital observation chart. That helps us a lot.”

Eventful career

These skills don't come by chance. The vita of the 56-year-old, who now lives in the Bergisches Land, is impressive. Training as a nurse in Bristol, German and Italian language studies, business administration studies in the healthcare sector, manager in the British National Health Service. And all of this in England. After short stops in Rhode Island (USA) and Rio de Janiero (Brazil), she moved to Germany with her family in 2003. “I went to Germany because of love,” says the mother of two sons.

Kate Berghaus

Kate Berghaus in 1990. © Kate Berghaus

Once in Germany Berghaus initially worked as a nurse in an intensive care unit in Bergisch Gladbach. She then moved to AGFA Healthcare and later to the St. Marien Hospital Trust. In September 2019 she moved to Telekom Healthcare Solutions. A step she has never regretted. On the contrary. “Our company is one of the drivers of digitalization in the German healthcare system. I’m glad that I can bring in my entire wealth of experience to support our customers on their digitalization journey.”

For example, through software systems such as the digital observation chart. This offers doctors and nursing staff an overview of the entire clinical documentation. At a glanceusers can assess the patient's condition and take therapeutic treatment decisions.

Like the digital care documentation, the digital observation chart is one of the numerous components of Telekom's own hospital information system (HIS) iMedOne. This is used by around 250 hospitals in Germany. “The CIS is the digital heart of the hospital. All processes from the patient observation chart to billing are provided in iMedOne,” says Berghaus. “As a product manager, I keep my finger on the pulse of users, know their requirements and prioritize them in our planning.”

Kate Berghaus

Kate Berghaus at the DMEA 2022 trade fair. © Deutsche Telekom/Photographer Marc-Steffen Unger

Digitalization is increasingly in demand

The wealth of experience she has gained in English and German institutions helps her enormously. “I know the worries and needs of the medical profession and nursing staff.” The most important ingredient in her recipe for success is the constant exchange with users. “I keep in close contact with my customers. Their feedback is incorporated into the further development of our products.”

Kate Berghaus has her hands full. “Corona and the shortage of skilled workers have massively increased the willingness to digitize in the clinics. With our solutions, we help nurses and doctors have more time for what’s most important to them: their patients.”

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Vita Kate Berghaus 
British-born Kate Berghaus (*1966) studied German and Italian after training as a nurse. In 1995, the bachelor's degree was followed by a diploma in business administration for the healthcare sector. In the same year she completed the general management trainee program at the National Health Service, the UK's public health system. She then worked for CASPE Research, a non-profit organization specializing in the evaluation of medical facilities, as a project manager in the area of research and quality management.

After moving to Germany and working as an intensive care nurse for a few years, Kate Berghaus took on various positions at AGFA HealthCare and the St. Marien Hospital Trust. Since September 2019, she has been product manager for the CIS iMedOne at Telekom Healthcare Solutions. Berghaus is married and has two children.

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